How to wash TOMS for maintaining their grace

How to wash TOMS without losing their grace and beauty is the basic question for every user of TOMS shoes. But no worries now we have lots of ways to keep the shoes clean and give them a long life. Canvas shoes are considered as the most comfortable shoes around the globe for almost all types of outdoor activities. TOMS are the best ones and admired all over the world for beauty and comfort. Men and women both like the product and have a satisfied feedback. The brightness and shine of shoes require care and cleaning and it also increases the life of the product.

How to wash your favorite TOMS?

I know you love your TOMS and want to keep them marvelous all the time. Bu when you go outside in some dusty atmosphere they get dirty and stained and require timely cleaning so that you can enjoy then proudly. Cleaning improves the life of your shoes. Before and after cleaning there is a great difference. It also increases the user’s confidence. Before going for cleaning and washing of your shoes, it looks pretty well to know important instruction for cleaning so that any damage can be avoided. You can wash your TOMS in a washer and manually as well. But the manual washing is highly recommended as it is the safer way of cleaning your shoes. For both the methods, use of the washer or applying the manual method of cleaning, you must follow some precautionary measures. Washing makes a clear difference in your outlook.

Manual washing of TOMS

In care of your TOMS, the manual washing is more important and treats your shoes gently. For hand washing of shoes, cold water is highly recommended as it does not spoil the shoe appearance and also keeps the shoe material safe and livelier. Avoid use of hot water and use of hard and tough brushes. For cleaning of your TOMS following procedure is quite safer.

  • Bullet Point 1First of all, remove all the dust from shoe outer with a soft used toothbrush. Clean the surface completely and deeply.
  • Now check the shoes for any dark marks or stains. If there are stains use laundry stain remover or mild bleach to remove them.
  • Before using any stain remover or bleach, test the product on a small non-prominent area on shoe surface to ensure that use will be safe.
  • Make a paste of baking soda and water to clean the sole of the shoes. Apply the paste with a toothbrush on the sole and rub it. It cleans all the dirt from the sole and make it shining as new.
  • Take cold water in a bowl and add a small amount of washing liquid. Stir it to make rich leather
  • Apply the washing liquid on the shoes with a soft-toothed washing brush or a soft toothbrush. Rub gently to remove dirt and stains from shoes.
  • Apply the washing liquid on inner and outer both surfaces.
  • Rinse the shoe in plenty of cold water. Remove all the detergent completely.
  • Leave the shoes in the sun for air dry. It will keep your shoes normal and fit in your feet
  • Avoid any heater or dryer as it can cause shrinking of the shoe that disturbs the size.

Can you wash TOMS in a washer?

Another important question that is raised in the mind of TOMS’ user is that can you wash TOMS in a washer? The answer is, definitely yes TOMS can be washed in a washer with applying some precautions. When you decide to wash your TOMS in a washer use the washer at the gentle cycle to avoid any damage to your shoes. Use a mild detergent and cold water. Do not use hot water for quick washing of the shoes. The following guide will help you to user your washing machine for washing of TOMS.

  • Remove all the dirt and dust from the shoes from out and as well as inner.
  • Use soft detergent solution or baking soda paste to clean the shoe sole.
  • Remove the dark stains using a laundry stain remover or bleach.
  • Don’t forget to test the stain remover in some less prominent area of use to avoid any damage to your shoes.
  • Add cold water in the washing machine and fill it ¾ for easy movement of shoes.
  • Include a small amount of soft detergent. Put your shoes in the washer and run it over a moderate cycle
  • If your washer is automatic then take out the shoes and allow them air dry to save your shoe size, otherwise, first rinse the shoes in cold water for removing the detergent completely and then let them air dry in the sunshine.
  • Avoid the use of dryer or any ventilator for the drying of shoes. It will make your shoes shrink.

So, this is how to wash Toms easily while maintaining their grace.

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