How to wash shoes in washer keeping them safe and sound?

For the users of canvas shoes, it is the basic question that how to wash shoes in washer for cleaning of the shoes. But the answer is not much difficult a little effort can make the task easy and practical. The best way to wash shoes is the manual i.e. use a washing cloth, some mild detergent, a soft washing brush. Apply detergent solution on the shoes with cloth and rub with a brush to remove the stains and the dirt. No doubt it will clean the shoes but only in appearance. It will not deal with the inner of shoes and the smells that are cultivated in the shoes. To clean the shoes completely, it would be better to wash them in the washer.

how to wash shoes in washer

Easy tips for how to wash shoes in washers

Prepare Shoes For Cleaning In Washing Machine

Washing of the cloth shoes in the washer has a risk of spoiling the shoe especially the outer surface. To keep them in the safer condition it requires some precautionary measures to be followed.

  • Before putting your sneakers in washer remove the chunks of mud from the outer of the shoes
  • Remove the inner lose sole from the shoes and also anything else that you are using the shoes like any extra support of the foot arch.
  • Woven the shoe laces in the shoes and tie them up to avoid any damage to them.
  • Put the shoes into a net bag and tie up the bag.
  • Put cold water in washing machine and add some mild detergent liquid
  • Run machine for 1 or 2 minutes to make rich leather
  • Now put the shoes bag into the machine and operate the machine on single cycle
  • Put few towels or other clothes in the machine to ensure the safety of your running shoes.
  • Rinse thoroughly and fully remove the detergent from shoes
  • Wrap the shoes in a clean towel or some absorbent cloth to squeeze out all the water
  • Stuff the shoes with waste papers or foot stand to retain the size and shape of the shoes.
  • Let the shoes dry in some hot and dry place away from the fire.
  • If you have plenty of sunshine it is the best option
  • Use suede brush or some hard toothbrush to revitalise the original look of the fabric

sneakers in washer

Precautions for storage of shoes

When you clean the fabric shoes completely the next process is to keep them carefully away from any dust and dirt.

  • Use baking soda or coffee seeds to remove the smell of shoes and also avoiding any smell during storage.
  • Pour one teaspoon of baking soda or few coffee seeds in each shoe
  • Stuff the shoe with paper or the foot stand
  • Put the shoes in plastic bag and seal it tightly
  • Put in shoe box or in the cupboard
  • Ensure that storage area is free of any moisture and overheating

Precautions for storage of shoes

Care of suede and leather shoes

The cleaning of the canvas shoes is easy whether it is manual or in a washer. What about the dress shoes like suede shoes and leather shoes, can you wash shoes in the same way as it is with canvas or fibre shoes? The answer is definitely negative because the use of washer for these shoes can ruin the shoes irreversibly. The dress shoes can be cleaned manually using common detergents or special chemicals available for the purpose. Use of washer in recommended for cleaning of tennis shoes and gym shoes that are manufactured with a durable and washable fabric. For care of the leather shoes and the suede shoes washing following steps are more favourable.

  • For keeping your leather shoes in the best condition for a long period of time clean them after each use. If you use them daily then a daily cleaning will help to maintain the shoes in the best condition.
  • Clean your leather and suede shoes at least thrice in a week. Use a soft moist towel, or any other soft piece of cloth for external and internal cleaning of the shoes. Rub gently for removing the stains of water or mud marks.
  • Use shoes cleaner available in the market for deep cleaning of the leather and reverting its shine and grace. Apply wax or polish on the leather shoes to give them a protective layer and shine as new.
  • For suede shoes use the suede brush or a toothbrush to remove all the fine dust and dirt from the surface.
  • To remove water stains from suede shoes use simple water that will gently remove the stains.
  • For removing mud stains and dirt, you can use manual cleaning method rather than using a washer. Use a soft cloth or toothbrush to apply the detergent on the stains and moist towel of cloth to wash or remove detergent from the shoes.
  • Let them air dry and then brush gently with a suede brush to revolt the original look.
  • Use baking soda or coffee seeds as the deodorant. It will keep your shoes as fresh as new free of any kind of smell.

Care of suede and leather shoes

Important steps in the shoe care

In the process of maintenance of shoes, washing becomes a critical point because the results of washer use can be much unexpected. To avoid any such situation, the basic point is that examine the stuff of your shoes before deciding the method of cleaning. TOMS shoe washing is different than White Chucks cleaning. If the stuff is washable then the use of washer becomes a good and time-saving option. But keep in mind that use of dryers is not recommended for drying of shoes. It can fold the shoe soles. While washing the shoes in a washer, be careful about the water, it must be cold, in extreme conditions lukewarm water can be used. Select a soft detergent preferably in liquid form. If you are going to use powder detergent then make sure that all the particles are dissolved in water before putting the shoes in the solution. Do not get panic while thinking how to wash shoes in washer and follow the above tips.

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