How to Stretch Out Shoes at Home?

Solution to how to stretch out shoes is a question every shoe owner faces one time or the other. Whether they are leather shoes or suede shoes, you always need shoes wider than your actual size.

So here is something crazy for people who are wondering how to stretch out shoes on their own. You may have had too many pairs of shoes lying there in your closet that are new and do not fit you right because they are too tight. It is a fact that new shoes are a bit tight at once but what’s the point of resulting in pain in the feet? Not many people can stand this. doesn’t matters if the shoes you bought are leather shoes or suede shoes, all you need is to find a way to loosen them up so you can walk in easily without damaging your feet.

Problems with new shoes

What is the thing that really bothers people is the new shoe that keeps on irritating from behind that is a little above the heels. Sometimes this ends up in blisters for some people and some people just simply get continuous pain in the entire foot. The main cause of these conditions is a tight shoe. To avoid ending up with this, you need to find a way to get rid of the shoe tightening and pain that comes along with it.

Your shoes that you just bought aren’t fitting well is a serious problem for shoe lovers. This problem can happen in all types of shoes. Leather boots owners can also encounter this problem. Even sneakers can be tight fitting. To make shoes wider for wearing them easily and having comfort while walking in them, there are certain ways that can help you do so. Some of these methods are crazy enough for you to believe in but once you try them you will realize how authentic they are.

How to Stretch Out Shoes: Methods

Owning leather shoes or any other material shoes you have got, there is always a problem with one of the shoe pair while wearing them. This problem is usually that they are either too tight from the front or too tight from the back. Outgrowing this problem requires legit solutions that will be effective for longer. Who thought there were be methods to stretch shoes at home? Below mentioned are the most effective and easiest methods that can help open up tight shoes for easy fitting and walking:

Method #1: Shoe Stretching Spray

The most known solution for making the shoes bigger and wider for easy fit is by using a shoe stretching spray. Use the stretching spray on every area of the shoes where you feel that they are tight or irritate you. Read the instructions on the spray for how long to set the shoes after spraying on. Leave them out for the required time duration and they will be able to be used for your use.

Method #2: Using Alcohol

How to stretch out shoes puzzle is never-ending as there is always a chance for you to buy the shoes that seem to fit perfectly at the shop but when you decide to wear them to some occasion then they turn out to be too stubborn to walk in. A mental breakdown might occur. To solve this, take a spray bottle and add in 50 percent of alcohol in it. Spray the alcohol on the shoes wherever you feel they are tight and rub it thoroughly. Afterwards, wear your shoes for at least twenty minutes.

Method #3: Using Socks

Another method for how to stretch out shoes is by dipping your socks in alcohol. After soaking the socks in alcohol, squeeze them to get rid of the excess. Wear the socks and then wear the shoes as well. Keep the shoes on till the alcohol dries out. If necessary, repeat the process. There is another method that exists using socks to stretch shoes. Wear thick socks and put on your tight shoes. Use a blow dryer on the areas that are too tight. Heat will expand the shoes and they will wearable for long hours.

Method #4: Silica Gel Packets

How to stretch out shoes issue has got another solution and that is silica gel packets. This sure is crazy but will help you in expanding your shoes to an extent so that they can become wearable again. Silica gel packets often come along with shoe boxes to absorb moisture and reduce the chances of shrinking. Stuff your shoes with silica gel packets and leave them for at least three days. When this is done you can wear them again without any fear of foot pains or blisters.
Make your life easier by stretching your shoes on your own. All four methods of how to stretch out shoes can be easily done at home without any hurdle.

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