How to Make Shoes Bigger for Easy Fit?

Want to know how to make shoes bigger? Shoes fit better when they are compatible with the foot silhouette. It is a quest that every single person faces who has brought the inconvenient shoe size. Don’t you just hate it when you set your eyes on the best shoe in the shop and even buy it but when you get home and try it again, it seems that the shoes weren’t the right fit.

For times and troubles like this, you need to find some way to make your shoes bigger in order for them to fit you easily. Learning to know that the new shoes you bought are too tight is maddening.

What makes the shoe tight in the first place?

Shoes fit better when they are of the right size and match your foot shape as well. But there are times when the shoes you buy seem the right fit at the shop but when you buy them and try to wear on any occasion you find out how tight and uncomfortable they would be. In such a situation, the question how to make shoes bigger arises. People often fail to find solutions to such problems and end up keeping their new shoes in the closets forever.

To make your shoes bigger you need to get onto some way to make them loosen up to wear them comfortably. Shoes wider fit perfectly rather than tighter ones. You may feel at first like this is the right fit as the shoe grabs onto the entire shape but what decides that the shoe is tight is when you walk while wearing them. Shoes bigger by one size from your actual size make it easy for you walk even if you have to walk for hours.

​Following are some tips and tricks that will allow you to make your shoes wider:

Hire some professional

If your tight shoes are really bugging your while walking, running and even standing then you can opt for the simplest solutions. One of these solutions to make your shoes bigger is to consult a professional person like a cobbler. Cobblers know well about the shoes and their manufacturing mechanism which is why they can help you broadening your shoes for fitting comfortably.

DIY Shoe Stretching Tips

How to make shoes bigger is the continuous struggle for those who are facing the problem of tight shoes. A shoe bigger than your normal size is always best to buy. All the people who have encountered such a problem know the struggle is real. To solve such problems, you can easily adopt some solutions at home that will result in effortlessly fitting shoes. Read on further to find out more.

How to make your shoes bigger by wearing them shoes in your house

One the best tip anyone can give you is to wear your new shoes around the house to loosen them up. When you frequently wear them for your daily household works then you can enable the shoe material to stretch with your walking. Eventually, this results in wider shoes than they were actually before. Even when you have bought sneakers, you can face the same problem. Sneakers bigger than your original foot size are also best to buy for comfort reasons.

Stretching tools

Using stretching tools for expanding the structure of the shoes you have just bought is the most common approach everybody is aware of. So, pick a shoe stretcher, any kind you like and place it in the shoes for a week or two. The longer the shoes have a shoe stretcher inside them, the more they open up for fitting in the feet easily. This is one of the ways of how to make shoes bigger.

Freeze the shoes

Apart from above, here is a weird way of making your shoes expand. Everybody knows that water expands when it freezes. Take a small plastic bag and fill it with 1/4th of water. Repeat the same with another plastic bag. Place each water bag inside each shoe and put the pair in the freezer. When the water freezes it will expand, allowing the shoes to expand along with it. In this way, you will have your shoes stretched enough for wearing easily.

Heat the shoes

Small shoes fit hardly which is why using the heating method to stretch the shoes can be useful. Wear with some thick and warm socks and then wear your new tight shoes. Turn on the blow dryer and use it on the areas that feel tight. Heat also expands the shoes to allow the feet to walk without any pain.

Wet the shoes

In the struggle of making the shoes bigger, you might want to hear this one too. Take a spray bottle and add in water. Filling half of the water bottle with water would just be enough. Spray the water on the shoes. Remember not to spray on the outside as the material will depreciate. Do not spray excessively but rather moderately. After spraying water place in a shoe stretcher and leave the shoes to dry overnight. When you will wake up in the morning the shoes will probably be stretched enough to wear seamlessly.

Following these tips and tricks you can easily vanish your problem of how to make shoes bigger in the easiest way possible.

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