How to Clean Toms in the Simplest Way Possible?

Got Toms? Thinking how to clean TOMS effectively? Afraid your TOMS’ white cloth shoes will get ruined when washing at home? Think again. Find out how you can clean them without the fear of damaging.
how to clean TOMS

Valuable tips on How to clean TOMS

Wondering how to clean TOMS shoes? Any kind of shoes can get dirty and full of dust when you wear them almost everywhere you go. TOMS shoes are one of those shoes that can be worn everywhere as they are so casual and chic. So you have bought a pair of TOMS shoes. You surely would be excited as hell. Wearing them at work and in casual meetings with friends is best. Not just this but TOMS can be the perfect shoes for wearing at trips with friends and family. You would definitely feel warm and cozy once you slide your feet inside the shoes.

TOMS are the new trend

The trend setting TOMS shoes are taking over the internet and the markets fast. The unique and playful designs catch the eye of every person whether man or a woman. These are considered among the best-selling shoes all over the world. Strutting around with the TOMS on around always give the right pleasures. Staying fashionable all the time is what you can do with these shoes.

What a TOMS shoe lover faces?

You are so in love with your TOMS that you hardly go a day without wearing them. This means that your shoes will definitely get dirty and stinky. Not that it means you have stinky feet but you know how sweat makes shoes smell funny. A lot of TOMS wearers encounter this problem that their shoes get dirty and smell ridiculous. As the shoes are made from a soft and comfortable material that means the material used is soft as compared to other shoes. From this, the stink develops easily and the shoes get dirt on them quite fast.

This problem becomes even worse when you have got white cloth shoes. The material from which the shoes are made up gets them stinky really quickly. Along with the stink, the stains and dirt patches also don’t get off easily if you just try to wipe them off with a plain cloth. Not to worry, though. You can easily remove all the stains and get rid of the bad odors from your shoes in easy ways. You would need to clean your shoes yourself. If you are wondering how to clean TOMS then there are a couple of ways to remove the dirt stains and bad odors from your beloved shoes.

The TOMS Washing Guide

Here is a complete washing guide that can leave you with neat and clean shoes:
What the company had to say on this?

TOMS itself says at its website that the shoes are recommended to be hand washed. The shoes are supposed to be washed with cold water and a light detergent. For drying, you need to let them dry in air and not in direct sunlight. Putting the shoes in the dryer in a big no. If you do so then the color of the shoes may fade away and surely you don’t want to compromise on the durability of your shoes.

Things to Use

The following things will be required before you start:

  • Soft detergent
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cold water usage

Let’s start
Washing the shoes is something everybody runs from and when it comes to washing them with cold water, especially in winters, you need a lot of courage for that. So, because of this, you need to develop some shortcuts. People don’t even bother about the cautions that come along the shoes.
So, let’s begin with the information and guidance on washing TOMS at home.

Washing TOMS in washing machine

You can obviously wash any shoes in the washing machine but when it comes to TOMS, you need to be extra careful. Fill the washer with cold water, as prescribed by the shoe vendor and put in a teaspoon of any light detergent (the one with not so strong chemicals). Turn on the washer and let the detergent mix in with the water. As soon as it starts to lather then put in your shoes. This ensures that the shoes have been moderately safeguarded from the chemicals. Let the regular washing cycle run and then you can take out your shoes to dry them.

Washing TOMS with hands

Washing with hands suits best when you have got minor stains. For this, take a toothbrush and soak it in the water and detergent mixture. You can either use a detergent or a soap for this purpose. Gently rub the toothbrush on the stain. This will work into moderate leather if you have white shoes and for other colors as well. Rub gently till you feel the stain has gone. After this, rinse that part and rub gently a clean cloth to absorb some of the water on the shoes’ surface. Let the shoes set for drying. Let the shoes dry till all the wet prints go away. Do not rub too hard with the toothbrush otherwise that part will lose the color and will look faded.
Using your shoes smell a lot and have got a lot of dirt on them is the best and preferable way. But if they have got little stains then hand washing is always the best.

Drying TOMS

  • Now, here you need to know about the right drying tips for your precious TOMS. Read on to find out:
    Only dry with air
  • If the water on the part where you cleaned is in excess then gently rub on a clean cloth to absorb the excess water
  • Do not expose in direct sunlight (the color will fade away)
  • If you can’t wait for long then turn on the dryer, throw in some towels along with your TOMS


Avoid using undiluted soaps, baking soda or anything harsh chemicals that can damage your TOMS shoes and ruin their original color. Also, see the drying tips to dry your shoes.
By reading out all the instructions with your shoes and then following these tips, you can easily get rid of all the dirt and stinks from your shoes. These tips work for all kinds of shoes whether plain, with studs, sparkle or crochet. All this pretty much might resolve your quest of how to clean TOMS?

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