How to clean suede boots Easily at Home

The users of the suede shoes mostly found worried about their shoes that how to clean suede boots if they get stains or become dirty. It is always a good and luxurious feeling to enjoy the graceful suede shoes. But a fear always chases and that is the dirt on the suede shoes. But now it is no more a trouble to return your dirty and stained suede shoes to their original splendour.

Suede boots have rough looks that makes it the splendid leather shoes. But this rough outer makes it the easy target of dirt and different stains even by the rubbing of the jeans by absorbing its colour. But now the cleaning of suede shoes is quite easy with a special kit that includes a special brush and eraser. The regular use of this scrub brush removes the dirt and dust and leaves your shoes fresh and shiny. If you got some bad stains in your Suede boots you can apply both, the scrub brush and eraser for better results. Cleaning of Toms shoes and other cloth shoes washing is different so use different methods for each shoe type.

Cleaning With Moist Bath Towel

When your Suede boots become dirty after a couple of use it is better to treat them gently for the revival of their grace. The use of bath towel makes the cleaning easy and inexpensive. It also doesn’t require plenty of time, just a few minutes from your busy routine can revitalise your suede boots. First of all, remove the dry mud pieces from shoes surface and wipe off them with a dry cloth. In the next step use a damp bath towel and rub against the outer skin of boots. The damp towel will absorb the dirt and dust from the fibres and rubbing will raise the fibres and returns the natural beauty of suede shoes. For tidiness of your shoes always use a neat and clean bath towel because dirty towel can add more dirt and stains to your precious shoes.

The magic of vinegar and rubber

Sometimes the Suede shoes get hard stains that do not leave easily by brushing. These need some extra treatment for removal. To remove a hard stain or dirt, first of all, brush the shoes to remove loose dust from the surface. Then use a soggy towel to remove sold dirt. If stain still persists, use a small amount of white vinegar on the stain. The vinegar action will remove the harder stains in few minutes. You may observe a mark of vinegar use on the shoe but it will wipe off automatically on drying. After the drying of the shoe, brush it with a hard wired brush to raise the fibre. To remove the soft mud marks, if you have not special rubber for suede cleaning kit, use the ordinary white pencil eraser. It gives the equally good result. Be sure that the eraser that you are using is clean and free of any dirt or colour. The two inexpensive products reduce your worries and expense also. Do not apply this method while washing fabric shoes. Also, do not try this for White Chucks washing.

How to clean suede boots using simple water

The suede boots easily get water stain due to their fluffy and absorbent surface. These water stains spoil the gorgeous look of the shoes. Here is an easy way to remove these stains.

  • Brush off any dust from the shoes to avoid any new stains in the process of cleaning.
  • Take clean water in a bowl and apply it on the whole surface of the shoes evenly with the help of a brush or some clean sponge. This will cause darkening of the colour of the shoes but don’t worry about it; it is the natural effect of water.
  • Use a clean dry towel or sponge to wipe off the excessive water from shoe surface. Use gentle movements with towel or sponge until the surface becomes evenly wet without any excess water on surface
  • Stuff the shoes with waste papers or old cloth tightly. It will help in retaining the shape of shoes.
  • Leave the shoes for drying in hot and dry place at least for one night or a day. The water will evaporate and will leave the shoes dry.
  • Use a suede brush to revive the original fluff of fibre to give a splendid looks to the shoes

Special treatment for special stains

Sometimes unknown stains ruin the looks of the shoes. The stains of mud, oil and grease etc. can be treated as follows.

  • In the case of mud stains allow the mud fully dry hen remove the big chunks of mud.
  • Brush off the fine residue of mud with a suede brush
  • For fresh stains of oil and grease, use the starch or chalk power. Spread it over the stain and leave for 24 hours. After the specified time remove the starch or chalk from shoes. Steam the mark using an iron.

Wax and chewing gum stains

  • Place the shoes into the freezer or apply the ice on the stain.
  • When it gets a freeze, remove the hard wax or chewing gum easily with hand or any sharp edged tool.
  • Use suede brushes for revitalising the tiny fibre on surface

Stains of blood and ink

  • To remove the blood stains the use of peroxide
  • Take a swab soaked in the peroxide and rub it on the stain until the stain vanishes
  • When you get an ink stain, try to blot it immediately with a towel or tissue.
  • After absorbing all the ink, use a fine sand paper on the stain.
  • Apply alcohol with a soft piece of cloth. It will also help to remove the ink stains.

Some useful tips

In home based methods there are many solutions for cleaning shoes at home. Use of vinegar is appreciated for the stains that are not removed by normal methods. Apply vinegar and leave it for drying and then use a suede brush to raise the surface fibre. The steel wool, emery board and steamer can also be used for dried or hard stains. Do not put suede shoes in machine. Read what kind of shoes and how to wash shoes in washer. By following these guidelines, you will never get worried about how to clean suede boots at home.

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