How To Clean Fabric Shoes ?

How to clean fabric shoes is a very important question for the fabric shoes users. Shoes are the most important part of the dressing. They keep them all day active and energetic if they are comfortable. Canvas or fabric shoes are always more comfortable than any other shoes if your activities require more standing or walking all the time. Along with comfort, these are an easy subject for the dirt in the environment. It becomes difficult to keep them clean if you are working in outdoor and there is a direct contact with mud. The comfort is precious and the cleaning of fabric shoes is a very low cost for ease in canvas shoes. There are many options for cleaning of the canvas shoes. One can select the most suitable method according to the requirement and available time.

How to clean fabric shoes by using washing machine?

When you are planning a beautiful dress to attend a casual event and think that you have matching canvas shoes to enhance the grace of your personality, but at the time of wearing come to know that shoes have become muddy and do not look as great as you expect. This can be managed by cleaning your shoes to give you a glowing effect. If you have proper time then it would be better to wash your canvas shoes in the washing machine at gentle cycle speed using light detergent. Be careful do not put shoes alone in the machine. Put some clothes or towels to reduce the rattling effect for shoes. Rinse the shoes in the lukewarm water and extract excess water using a spinner machine or a dryer. Gently brush the shoes to give a fine finish to the outer skin of shoes.

Hand washing of the fabric shoes

The most recommended method for the tidiness of canvas shoes is hand washing of shoes. This is a very careful way for cleaning he shoes as it controls the risk of damaging the shoes. For hand washing, get mild detergent powder or liquid, lukewarm water, two or three brushes of different size and a bowl. Mix the detergent into lukewarm water. Remove the dust from shoes and apply the detergent solution with help of brush on the shoes. In the case of hard dirt and stains, the shoes can be dipped into detergent water. Gently rub with brush, use toothbrush to reach the minor corners or surfaces. Rinse the shoes in lukewarm water and let them air dry. On drying brush the shoes with a clean brush to give them a glowing outlook.

Some common requirements for cleaning white cloth shoes

In cloth shoes, the white colour is elegant and becomes suitable with any dress colour. But its care and cleaning require some extra effort. They cannot be cleaned just by brushing them and also there is no such kind of polish that is available for the dress shoes. There is an ease with white cloth shoes that these can be cleaned easily at home. There is no need of special instruments or chemicals. When you need to clean your canvas shoes you mainly require the following materials.

  • A bucket or tub
  • Laundry brush or bathing sponge
  • Toothbrush
  • Warm water
  • A mild detergent
  • A used towel
  • Waste paper
  • Bleaching solution

Procedure for cleaning the white cloth shoes

Here is the answer of the basic question that how to clean fabric shoes. Follow this gradual procedure to clean and glow your fabric shoes.

  • Pour the warm water into the bucket or tub in a sufficient amount. The water should be at a level that is necessary to dip the shoes. Add detergent and make rich leather in the water. Liquid detergents are the best for cleaning of shoes as they have minimum friction for show surface. If using powder detergent ensure that the powder is fully dissolved in the water.
  • Dust off the dry shoe with a brush and dip it in the soaped water. After making it wet rub the outer surface of the shoe with brush to remove the stains and dirt. Use small brush or toothbrush to clean the inside of the shoe. Repeat the procedure for the second shoe.
  • Avoid prolong dipping in water and also, harsh rubbing that can spoil the shoe cloth.
  • Rinse the shoes in fresh or warm water till the detergent fully leaves the shoe. If the detergent is not fully removed it can damage the shoes.
  • Wrap the shoes in clean used towel to squeeze the water form shoes. I would be better left the shoes in the towel for few minutes.
  • To retain the shape of shoes, stuff them with waste paper and or some other material. Old clothes can also be used.
  • Put down the shoes in the sun or in some indoor warm and dry place. Do not put them in direct contact to the heat source such as fire or electric heater or stove etc.
  • On drying gently brush them for revitalizing the cloth after washing.

Cleaning of shoes without water

This method is suitable when the shoes have no stains but just a layer of fine soil. Take a bristle brush and gently dust off the shoes. For keeping the fabric shoes, clean and ready for use store them in boxes or containers that do not allow the dust entering in and also do not spoil the shape of shoes. In this type of storage you just need a mild dusting of shoes before wearing them. But if you find your shoes dirtier then, first of all, remove the soil pieces from shoes and brush them hard to remove the dry soil from the cloth of shoes. If you find some mild stains after this process, take an old toothbrush and rub he stain locally to remove it. In hard cases use a mild detergent solution with toothbrush and rub gently, repeat the process using a small amount of water. This will make your shoes as glowing as new. The use of these methods keeps you free from the problem of how to clean fabric shoes.

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