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How to wash shoes in washer keeping them safe and sound?

For the users of canvas shoes, it is the basic question that how to wash shoes in washer for cleaning of the shoes. But the answer is not much difficult a little effort can make the task easy and practical. The best way to wash shoes is the manual i.e. use a washing cloth, some mild detergent, a soft washing brush. Apply detergent solution on the shoes with cloth and rub with a brush to remove the stains and the dirt. No doubt it will clean the shoes but only in appearance. It will not deal with the inner of shoes and the smells that are cultivated in the shoes. To clean the shoes completely, it would be better to wash them in the washer.

how to wash shoes in washer

Easy tips for how to wash shoes in washers

Prepare Shoes For Cleaning In Washing Machine

Washing of the cloth shoes in the washer has a risk of spoiling the shoe especially the outer surface. To keep them in the safer condition it requires some precautionary measures to be followed.

  • Before putting your sneakers in washer remove the chunks of mud from the outer of the shoes
  • Remove the inner lose sole from the shoes and also anything else that you are using the shoes like any extra support of the foot arch.
  • Woven the shoe laces in the shoes and tie them up to avoid any damage to them.
  • Put the shoes into a net bag and tie up the bag.
  • Put cold water in washing machine and add some mild detergent liquid
  • Run machine for 1 or 2 minutes to make rich leather
  • Now put the shoes bag into the machine and operate the machine on single cycle
  • Put few towels or other clothes in the machine to ensure the safety of your running shoes.
  • Rinse thoroughly and fully remove the detergent from shoes
  • Wrap the shoes in a clean towel or some absorbent cloth to squeeze out all the water
  • Stuff the shoes with waste papers or foot stand to retain the size and shape of the shoes.
  • Let the shoes dry in some hot and dry place away from the fire.
  • If you have plenty of sunshine it is the best option
  • Use suede brush or some hard toothbrush to revitalise the original look of the fabric

sneakers in washer

Precautions for storage of shoes

When you clean the fabric shoes completely the next process is to keep them carefully away from any dust and dirt.

  • Use baking soda or coffee seeds to remove the smell of shoes and also avoiding any smell during storage.
  • Pour one teaspoon of baking soda or few coffee seeds in each shoe
  • Stuff the shoe with paper or the foot stand
  • Put the shoes in plastic bag and seal it tightly
  • Put in shoe box or in the cupboard
  • Ensure that storage area is free of any moisture and overheating

Precautions for storage of shoes

Care of suede and leather shoes

The cleaning of the canvas shoes is easy whether it is manual or in a washer. What about the dress shoes like suede shoes and leather shoes, can you wash shoes in the same way as it is with canvas or fibre shoes? The answer is definitely negative because the use of washer for these shoes can ruin the shoes irreversibly. The dress shoes can be cleaned manually using common detergents or special chemicals available for the purpose. Use of washer in recommended for cleaning of tennis shoes and gym shoes that are manufactured with a durable and washable fabric. For care of the leather shoes and the suede shoes washing following steps are more favourable.

  • For keeping your leather shoes in the best condition for a long period of time clean them after each use. If you use them daily then a daily cleaning will help to maintain the shoes in the best condition.
  • Clean your leather and suede shoes at least thrice in a week. Use a soft moist towel, or any other soft piece of cloth for external and internal cleaning of the shoes. Rub gently for removing the stains of water or mud marks.
  • Use shoes cleaner available in the market for deep cleaning of the leather and reverting its shine and grace. Apply wax or polish on the leather shoes to give them a protective layer and shine as new.
  • For suede shoes use the suede brush or a toothbrush to remove all the fine dust and dirt from the surface.
  • To remove water stains from suede shoes use simple water that will gently remove the stains.
  • For removing mud stains and dirt, you can use manual cleaning method rather than using a washer. Use a soft cloth or toothbrush to apply the detergent on the stains and moist towel of cloth to wash or remove detergent from the shoes.
  • Let them air dry and then brush gently with a suede brush to revolt the original look.
  • Use baking soda or coffee seeds as the deodorant. It will keep your shoes as fresh as new free of any kind of smell.

Care of suede and leather shoes

Important steps in the shoe care

In the process of maintenance of shoes, washing becomes a critical point because the results of washer use can be much unexpected. To avoid any such situation, the basic point is that examine the stuff of your shoes before deciding the method of cleaning. TOMS shoe washing is different than White Chucks cleaning. If the stuff is washable then the use of washer becomes a good and time-saving option. But keep in mind that use of dryers is not recommended for drying of shoes. It can fold the shoe soles. While washing the shoes in a washer, be careful about the water, it must be cold, in extreme conditions lukewarm water can be used. Select a soft detergent preferably in liquid form. If you are going to use powder detergent then make sure that all the particles are dissolved in water before putting the shoes in the solution. Do not get panic while thinking how to wash shoes in washer and follow the above tips.

The Right Methods on How to Clean White Chucks?

Wearing white chucks is great but you need to know how to clean white chucks as well. Cleaning them is no big when you have got the right methods.

how to clean white chucks

Owning white chucks means that you need to know how to clean white chucks as well in order to maintain them. These shoes have been popular since like forever. Is it like they have become the official shoes of New York City? There is no person who does not wear chucks. Not only in NYC but these guys are all over the place. It seems like wherever you look you find somebody wearing chucks. This is because chucks are a beautiful creation and they definitely make it easy for regular use. But you need to take care when you decide to wash fabric shoes.

The Most Popular Shoes Around

The white chucks are the most abundantly worn by people. You might have seen these mostly around. But when did the white shoes became the standard style? Well, that depends on the sales of the shoes. These were the most popular shoes in 2007 and since then they have become even more popular.

Chucks Require Maintenance Too

Apart from all this, as you own chucks, you also need to take care of their appearance as well. Wearing them on a regular basis means that you will obviously get them dirty at some point, no matter how much you be careful. Even if you have got stains on them then no need to be disappointed as you can clean them in simple and easy ways.
Here you will know about the easy to do methods which you can do at home and they will be just like new. You can use these methods for stains and even for removing the bad odors from your shoes.

Initial Step For How To Clean White Chucks

Before you start on to how to clean white chucks, you first need to take out the laces of the shoes and wash them separately. Run lukewarm water and put them under the running water to dampen. Take a bowl and pour in some lukewarm water with a tablespoon of detergent. Put the shoe laces in for a while. After some time, take them out and brush those with a toothbrush to assure all the areas are being cleaned for the dirt to escape. As soon as you are done washing them with lukewarm water again and set them for drying.

Now moving on to the actual issue of cleaning the entire shoe. Be careful while washing shoes in washer.

Method 1: Cleaning with Detergent

To clean the white shoes you need to:

  • Pour normal temperature water in a bowl
  • Add in some detergent and mix it thoroughly till it forms a paste
  • Dip a toothbrush in the mixture and then start cleaning the areas of the shoes wherethere are dirt or stains
  • Scrub in a circular motion and first concentrate the areas that are stained the most
  • After cleaning all the areas, rinse with water
  • Dry off the excess water with the help of a towel
  • Use detergents that don’t involve bleach in them
  • You can wash your suede boots with this method as well.

Method 2: Baking Soda and Vinegar

The first step always involves in taking off the shoe laces and washing them separately. After that:

  • Drench your chucks in cold water. You can either rinse with running faucet water or just dunk them in the basin or a bucket.
  • Use cold water as it does not allow the stains to sink in nor lighten the original color of the shoes
  • Make a paste of vinegar (three parts) and baking soda (two parts)
  • Apply some paste on a toothbrush and then clean the stained areas
  • Avoid using metal spoons as vinegar can react to it
  • Rinse the shoes with cold water when done
  • Afterward, put your shoes in the washing machine to clean them thoroughly

Method 3: Nail Polish Remover

Just when you thought nail polish removers are only for removing nail polish.

  • Apply nail polish remover on a cloth and rub it on the stains wherever
  • Rub gently and in a circular motion to evenly remove everything
  • As soon as you are done with this, wash the chucks with water
  • After washing it with water, put in the washer to thoroughly clean them

Method 4: Toothpaste

Believe it or not but a non-gel toothpaste can save the day.

  • Work the toothpaste on the dirty spots
  • Let it stay for at least ten minutes
  • After that, wipe the toothpaste off with a damp towel
  • The toothpaste will also maintain the white color of the chucks

Method 5: Dishwasher

What? Are you serious? This is what you may be thinking right now and yes it is true. A dishwasher can help you clean all the stains and remove the stink from your shoes as well.

  • Make sure your dishwasher is empty before you do this
  • Run hot water from the kitchen’s faucet so the dishwasher gets heated too
  • Just like regular, add in dish detergent like you do
  • Place in your chucks facing down on the top first rack
  • Run the dishwasher on the normal cycle
  • When the cycle completes, take the shoes out and set them for dryingWashing TOMS shoes is somewhat different. So be careful with those shoes.

Method 6: Petroleum Jelly

Make the things at home to use and clean your chucks easily. Remember, this technique is only useful for cleaning the front patch and side soles.

  • Take a small amount of petroleum jelly on a cloth
  • Rub the cloth to the front slippery patch and the side soles
  • Once the dirt is off then clean it again with a clean piece of cloth

Method 7: Magic Eraser

This thing works like wonder. Find out how:

  • Dampen your chucks in cold water or dunk them in a bowl full of water
  • Moisten the magic eraser and scrub against the stains or you can just rub all over the shoe

Drying Tips

You may have seen that no drying tips were mentioned in the above methods. This is because the drying part is always the same no matter what method you use. Once you wash your white chucks, use a dry cloth to absorb the excess water. After this, let them dry out outdoors. Do not put your shoes under direct sunlight and always air dry them. If you are in an emergency situation then your blow dryer can also do the job right.

Cleaning your white chucks with the DIY methods is much easier than finding somebody to do it for you. By following these tips, you can surely ace the process of how to clean white chucks.

How To Clean Fabric Shoes ?

How to clean fabric shoes is a very important question for the fabric shoes users. Shoes are the most important part of the dressing. They keep them all day active and energetic if they are comfortable. Canvas or fabric shoes are always more comfortable than any other shoes if your activities require more standing or walking all the time. Along with comfort, these are an easy subject for the dirt in the environment. It becomes difficult to keep them clean if you are working in outdoor and there is a direct contact with mud. The comfort is precious and the cleaning of fabric shoes is a very low cost for ease in canvas shoes. There are many options for cleaning of the canvas shoes. One can select the most suitable method according to the requirement and available time.

How to clean fabric shoes by using washing machine?

When you are planning a beautiful dress to attend a casual event and think that you have matching canvas shoes to enhance the grace of your personality, but at the time of wearing come to know that shoes have become muddy and do not look as great as you expect. This can be managed by cleaning your shoes to give you a glowing effect. If you have proper time then it would be better to wash your canvas shoes in the washing machine at gentle cycle speed using light detergent. Be careful do not put shoes alone in the machine. Put some clothes or towels to reduce the rattling effect for shoes. Rinse the shoes in the lukewarm water and extract excess water using a spinner machine or a dryer. Gently brush the shoes to give a fine finish to the outer skin of shoes.

Hand washing of the fabric shoes

The most recommended method for the tidiness of canvas shoes is hand washing of shoes. This is a very careful way for cleaning he shoes as it controls the risk of damaging the shoes. For hand washing, get mild detergent powder or liquid, lukewarm water, two or three brushes of different size and a bowl. Mix the detergent into lukewarm water. Remove the dust from shoes and apply the detergent solution with help of brush on the shoes. In the case of hard dirt and stains, the shoes can be dipped into detergent water. Gently rub with brush, use toothbrush to reach the minor corners or surfaces. Rinse the shoes in lukewarm water and let them air dry. On drying brush the shoes with a clean brush to give them a glowing outlook.

Some common requirements for cleaning white cloth shoes

In cloth shoes, the white colour is elegant and becomes suitable with any dress colour. But its care and cleaning require some extra effort. They cannot be cleaned just by brushing them and also there is no such kind of polish that is available for the dress shoes. There is an ease with white cloth shoes that these can be cleaned easily at home. There is no need of special instruments or chemicals. When you need to clean your canvas shoes you mainly require the following materials.

  • A bucket or tub
  • Laundry brush or bathing sponge
  • Toothbrush
  • Warm water
  • A mild detergent
  • A used towel
  • Waste paper
  • Bleaching solution

Procedure for cleaning the white cloth shoes

Here is the answer of the basic question that how to clean fabric shoes. Follow this gradual procedure to clean and glow your fabric shoes.

  • Pour the warm water into the bucket or tub in a sufficient amount. The water should be at a level that is necessary to dip the shoes. Add detergent and make rich leather in the water. Liquid detergents are the best for cleaning of shoes as they have minimum friction for show surface. If using powder detergent ensure that the powder is fully dissolved in the water.
  • Dust off the dry shoe with a brush and dip it in the soaped water. After making it wet rub the outer surface of the shoe with brush to remove the stains and dirt. Use small brush or toothbrush to clean the inside of the shoe. Repeat the procedure for the second shoe.
  • Avoid prolong dipping in water and also, harsh rubbing that can spoil the shoe cloth.
  • Rinse the shoes in fresh or warm water till the detergent fully leaves the shoe. If the detergent is not fully removed it can damage the shoes.
  • Wrap the shoes in clean used towel to squeeze the water form shoes. I would be better left the shoes in the towel for few minutes.
  • To retain the shape of shoes, stuff them with waste paper and or some other material. Old clothes can also be used.
  • Put down the shoes in the sun or in some indoor warm and dry place. Do not put them in direct contact to the heat source such as fire or electric heater or stove etc.
  • On drying gently brush them for revitalizing the cloth after washing.

Cleaning of shoes without water

This method is suitable when the shoes have no stains but just a layer of fine soil. Take a bristle brush and gently dust off the shoes. For keeping the fabric shoes, clean and ready for use store them in boxes or containers that do not allow the dust entering in and also do not spoil the shape of shoes. In this type of storage you just need a mild dusting of shoes before wearing them. But if you find your shoes dirtier then, first of all, remove the soil pieces from shoes and brush them hard to remove the dry soil from the cloth of shoes. If you find some mild stains after this process, take an old toothbrush and rub he stain locally to remove it. In hard cases use a mild detergent solution with toothbrush and rub gently, repeat the process using a small amount of water. This will make your shoes as glowing as new. The use of these methods keeps you free from the problem of how to clean fabric shoes.

How to wash TOMS for maintaining their grace

How to wash TOMS without losing their grace and beauty is the basic question for every user of TOMS shoes. But no worries now we have lots of ways to keep the shoes clean and give them a long life. Canvas shoes are considered as the most comfortable shoes around the globe for almost all types of outdoor activities. TOMS are the best ones and admired all over the world for beauty and comfort. Men and women both like the product and have a satisfied feedback. The brightness and shine of shoes require care and cleaning and it also increases the life of the product.

How to wash your favorite TOMS?

I know you love your TOMS and want to keep them marvelous all the time. Bu when you go outside in some dusty atmosphere they get dirty and stained and require timely cleaning so that you can enjoy then proudly. Cleaning improves the life of your shoes. Before and after cleaning there is a great difference. It also increases the user’s confidence. Before going for cleaning and washing of your shoes, it looks pretty well to know important instruction for cleaning so that any damage can be avoided. You can wash your TOMS in a washer and manually as well. But the manual washing is highly recommended as it is the safer way of cleaning your shoes. For both the methods, use of the washer or applying the manual method of cleaning, you must follow some precautionary measures. Washing makes a clear difference in your outlook.

Manual washing of TOMS

In care of your TOMS, the manual washing is more important and treats your shoes gently. For hand washing of shoes, cold water is highly recommended as it does not spoil the shoe appearance and also keeps the shoe material safe and livelier. Avoid use of hot water and use of hard and tough brushes. For cleaning of your TOMS following procedure is quite safer.

  • Bullet Point 1First of all, remove all the dust from shoe outer with a soft used toothbrush. Clean the surface completely and deeply.
  • Now check the shoes for any dark marks or stains. If there are stains use laundry stain remover or mild bleach to remove them.
  • Before using any stain remover or bleach, test the product on a small non-prominent area on shoe surface to ensure that use will be safe.
  • Make a paste of baking soda and water to clean the sole of the shoes. Apply the paste with a toothbrush on the sole and rub it. It cleans all the dirt from the sole and make it shining as new.
  • Take cold water in a bowl and add a small amount of washing liquid. Stir it to make rich leather
  • Apply the washing liquid on the shoes with a soft-toothed washing brush or a soft toothbrush. Rub gently to remove dirt and stains from shoes.
  • Apply the washing liquid on inner and outer both surfaces.
  • Rinse the shoe in plenty of cold water. Remove all the detergent completely.
  • Leave the shoes in the sun for air dry. It will keep your shoes normal and fit in your feet
  • Avoid any heater or dryer as it can cause shrinking of the shoe that disturbs the size.

Can you wash TOMS in a washer?

Another important question that is raised in the mind of TOMS’ user is that can you wash TOMS in a washer? The answer is, definitely yes TOMS can be washed in a washer with applying some precautions. When you decide to wash your TOMS in a washer use the washer at the gentle cycle to avoid any damage to your shoes. Use a mild detergent and cold water. Do not use hot water for quick washing of the shoes. The following guide will help you to user your washing machine for washing of TOMS.

  • Remove all the dirt and dust from the shoes from out and as well as inner.
  • Use soft detergent solution or baking soda paste to clean the shoe sole.
  • Remove the dark stains using a laundry stain remover or bleach.
  • Don’t forget to test the stain remover in some less prominent area of use to avoid any damage to your shoes.
  • Add cold water in the washing machine and fill it ¾ for easy movement of shoes.
  • Include a small amount of soft detergent. Put your shoes in the washer and run it over a moderate cycle
  • If your washer is automatic then take out the shoes and allow them air dry to save your shoe size, otherwise, first rinse the shoes in cold water for removing the detergent completely and then let them air dry in the sunshine.
  • Avoid the use of dryer or any ventilator for the drying of shoes. It will make your shoes shrink.

So, this is how to wash Toms easily while maintaining their grace.

How to Stretch Out Shoes at Home?

Solution to how to stretch out shoes is a question every shoe owner faces one time or the other. Whether they are leather shoes or suede shoes, you always need shoes wider than your actual size.

So here is something crazy for people who are wondering how to stretch out shoes on their own. You may have had too many pairs of shoes lying there in your closet that are new and do not fit you right because they are too tight. It is a fact that new shoes are a bit tight at once but what’s the point of resulting in pain in the feet? Not many people can stand this. doesn’t matters if the shoes you bought are leather shoes or suede shoes, all you need is to find a way to loosen them up so you can walk in easily without damaging your feet.

Problems with new shoes

What is the thing that really bothers people is the new shoe that keeps on irritating from behind that is a little above the heels. Sometimes this ends up in blisters for some people and some people just simply get continuous pain in the entire foot. The main cause of these conditions is a tight shoe. To avoid ending up with this, you need to find a way to get rid of the shoe tightening and pain that comes along with it.

Your shoes that you just bought aren’t fitting well is a serious problem for shoe lovers. This problem can happen in all types of shoes. Leather boots owners can also encounter this problem. Even sneakers can be tight fitting. To make shoes wider for wearing them easily and having comfort while walking in them, there are certain ways that can help you do so. Some of these methods are crazy enough for you to believe in but once you try them you will realize how authentic they are.

How to Stretch Out Shoes: Methods

Owning leather shoes or any other material shoes you have got, there is always a problem with one of the shoe pair while wearing them. This problem is usually that they are either too tight from the front or too tight from the back. Outgrowing this problem requires legit solutions that will be effective for longer. Who thought there were be methods to stretch shoes at home? Below mentioned are the most effective and easiest methods that can help open up tight shoes for easy fitting and walking:

Method #1: Shoe Stretching Spray

The most known solution for making the shoes bigger and wider for easy fit is by using a shoe stretching spray. Use the stretching spray on every area of the shoes where you feel that they are tight or irritate you. Read the instructions on the spray for how long to set the shoes after spraying on. Leave them out for the required time duration and they will be able to be used for your use.

Method #2: Using Alcohol

How to stretch out shoes puzzle is never-ending as there is always a chance for you to buy the shoes that seem to fit perfectly at the shop but when you decide to wear them to some occasion then they turn out to be too stubborn to walk in. A mental breakdown might occur. To solve this, take a spray bottle and add in 50 percent of alcohol in it. Spray the alcohol on the shoes wherever you feel they are tight and rub it thoroughly. Afterwards, wear your shoes for at least twenty minutes.

Method #3: Using Socks

Another method for how to stretch out shoes is by dipping your socks in alcohol. After soaking the socks in alcohol, squeeze them to get rid of the excess. Wear the socks and then wear the shoes as well. Keep the shoes on till the alcohol dries out. If necessary, repeat the process. There is another method that exists using socks to stretch shoes. Wear thick socks and put on your tight shoes. Use a blow dryer on the areas that are too tight. Heat will expand the shoes and they will wearable for long hours.

Method #4: Silica Gel Packets

How to stretch out shoes issue has got another solution and that is silica gel packets. This sure is crazy but will help you in expanding your shoes to an extent so that they can become wearable again. Silica gel packets often come along with shoe boxes to absorb moisture and reduce the chances of shrinking. Stuff your shoes with silica gel packets and leave them for at least three days. When this is done you can wear them again without any fear of foot pains or blisters.
Make your life easier by stretching your shoes on your own. All four methods of how to stretch out shoes can be easily done at home without any hurdle.

How to Make Shoes Bigger for Easy Fit?

Want to know how to make shoes bigger? Shoes fit better when they are compatible with the foot silhouette. It is a quest that every single person faces who has brought the inconvenient shoe size. Don’t you just hate it when you set your eyes on the best shoe in the shop and even buy it but when you get home and try it again, it seems that the shoes weren’t the right fit.

For times and troubles like this, you need to find some way to make your shoes bigger in order for them to fit you easily. Learning to know that the new shoes you bought are too tight is maddening.

What makes the shoe tight in the first place?

Shoes fit better when they are of the right size and match your foot shape as well. But there are times when the shoes you buy seem the right fit at the shop but when you buy them and try to wear on any occasion you find out how tight and uncomfortable they would be. In such a situation, the question how to make shoes bigger arises. People often fail to find solutions to such problems and end up keeping their new shoes in the closets forever.

To make your shoes bigger you need to get onto some way to make them loosen up to wear them comfortably. Shoes wider fit perfectly rather than tighter ones. You may feel at first like this is the right fit as the shoe grabs onto the entire shape but what decides that the shoe is tight is when you walk while wearing them. Shoes bigger by one size from your actual size make it easy for you walk even if you have to walk for hours.

​Following are some tips and tricks that will allow you to make your shoes wider:

Hire some professional

If your tight shoes are really bugging your while walking, running and even standing then you can opt for the simplest solutions. One of these solutions to make your shoes bigger is to consult a professional person like a cobbler. Cobblers know well about the shoes and their manufacturing mechanism which is why they can help you broadening your shoes for fitting comfortably.

DIY Shoe Stretching Tips

How to make shoes bigger is the continuous struggle for those who are facing the problem of tight shoes. A shoe bigger than your normal size is always best to buy. All the people who have encountered such a problem know the struggle is real. To solve such problems, you can easily adopt some solutions at home that will result in effortlessly fitting shoes. Read on further to find out more.

How to make your shoes bigger by wearing them shoes in your house

One the best tip anyone can give you is to wear your new shoes around the house to loosen them up. When you frequently wear them for your daily household works then you can enable the shoe material to stretch with your walking. Eventually, this results in wider shoes than they were actually before. Even when you have bought sneakers, you can face the same problem. Sneakers bigger than your original foot size are also best to buy for comfort reasons.

Stretching tools

Using stretching tools for expanding the structure of the shoes you have just bought is the most common approach everybody is aware of. So, pick a shoe stretcher, any kind you like and place it in the shoes for a week or two. The longer the shoes have a shoe stretcher inside them, the more they open up for fitting in the feet easily. This is one of the ways of how to make shoes bigger.

Freeze the shoes

Apart from above, here is a weird way of making your shoes expand. Everybody knows that water expands when it freezes. Take a small plastic bag and fill it with 1/4th of water. Repeat the same with another plastic bag. Place each water bag inside each shoe and put the pair in the freezer. When the water freezes it will expand, allowing the shoes to expand along with it. In this way, you will have your shoes stretched enough for wearing easily.

Heat the shoes

Small shoes fit hardly which is why using the heating method to stretch the shoes can be useful. Wear with some thick and warm socks and then wear your new tight shoes. Turn on the blow dryer and use it on the areas that feel tight. Heat also expands the shoes to allow the feet to walk without any pain.

Wet the shoes

In the struggle of making the shoes bigger, you might want to hear this one too. Take a spray bottle and add in water. Filling half of the water bottle with water would just be enough. Spray the water on the shoes. Remember not to spray on the outside as the material will depreciate. Do not spray excessively but rather moderately. After spraying water place in a shoe stretcher and leave the shoes to dry overnight. When you will wake up in the morning the shoes will probably be stretched enough to wear seamlessly.

Following these tips and tricks you can easily vanish your problem of how to make shoes bigger in the easiest way possible.

How to Clean Toms in the Simplest Way Possible?

Got Toms? Thinking how to clean TOMS effectively? Afraid your TOMS’ white cloth shoes will get ruined when washing at home? Think again. Find out how you can clean them without the fear of damaging.
how to clean TOMS

Valuable tips on How to clean TOMS

Wondering how to clean TOMS shoes? Any kind of shoes can get dirty and full of dust when you wear them almost everywhere you go. TOMS shoes are one of those shoes that can be worn everywhere as they are so casual and chic. So you have bought a pair of TOMS shoes. You surely would be excited as hell. Wearing them at work and in casual meetings with friends is best. Not just this but TOMS can be the perfect shoes for wearing at trips with friends and family. You would definitely feel warm and cozy once you slide your feet inside the shoes.

TOMS are the new trend

The trend setting TOMS shoes are taking over the internet and the markets fast. The unique and playful designs catch the eye of every person whether man or a woman. These are considered among the best-selling shoes all over the world. Strutting around with the TOMS on around always give the right pleasures. Staying fashionable all the time is what you can do with these shoes.

What a TOMS shoe lover faces?

You are so in love with your TOMS that you hardly go a day without wearing them. This means that your shoes will definitely get dirty and stinky. Not that it means you have stinky feet but you know how sweat makes shoes smell funny. A lot of TOMS wearers encounter this problem that their shoes get dirty and smell ridiculous. As the shoes are made from a soft and comfortable material that means the material used is soft as compared to other shoes. From this, the stink develops easily and the shoes get dirt on them quite fast.

This problem becomes even worse when you have got white cloth shoes. The material from which the shoes are made up gets them stinky really quickly. Along with the stink, the stains and dirt patches also don’t get off easily if you just try to wipe them off with a plain cloth. Not to worry, though. You can easily remove all the stains and get rid of the bad odors from your shoes in easy ways. You would need to clean your shoes yourself. If you are wondering how to clean TOMS then there are a couple of ways to remove the dirt stains and bad odors from your beloved shoes.

The TOMS Washing Guide

Here is a complete washing guide that can leave you with neat and clean shoes:
What the company had to say on this?

TOMS itself says at its website that the shoes are recommended to be hand washed. The shoes are supposed to be washed with cold water and a light detergent. For drying, you need to let them dry in air and not in direct sunlight. Putting the shoes in the dryer in a big no. If you do so then the color of the shoes may fade away and surely you don’t want to compromise on the durability of your shoes.

Things to Use

The following things will be required before you start:

  • Soft detergent
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cold water usage

Let’s start
Washing the shoes is something everybody runs from and when it comes to washing them with cold water, especially in winters, you need a lot of courage for that. So, because of this, you need to develop some shortcuts. People don’t even bother about the cautions that come along the shoes.
So, let’s begin with the information and guidance on washing TOMS at home.

Washing TOMS in washing machine

You can obviously wash any shoes in the washing machine but when it comes to TOMS, you need to be extra careful. Fill the washer with cold water, as prescribed by the shoe vendor and put in a teaspoon of any light detergent (the one with not so strong chemicals). Turn on the washer and let the detergent mix in with the water. As soon as it starts to lather then put in your shoes. This ensures that the shoes have been moderately safeguarded from the chemicals. Let the regular washing cycle run and then you can take out your shoes to dry them.

Washing TOMS with hands

Washing with hands suits best when you have got minor stains. For this, take a toothbrush and soak it in the water and detergent mixture. You can either use a detergent or a soap for this purpose. Gently rub the toothbrush on the stain. This will work into moderate leather if you have white shoes and for other colors as well. Rub gently till you feel the stain has gone. After this, rinse that part and rub gently a clean cloth to absorb some of the water on the shoes’ surface. Let the shoes set for drying. Let the shoes dry till all the wet prints go away. Do not rub too hard with the toothbrush otherwise that part will lose the color and will look faded.
Using your shoes smell a lot and have got a lot of dirt on them is the best and preferable way. But if they have got little stains then hand washing is always the best.

Drying TOMS

  • Now, here you need to know about the right drying tips for your precious TOMS. Read on to find out:
    Only dry with air
  • If the water on the part where you cleaned is in excess then gently rub on a clean cloth to absorb the excess water
  • Do not expose in direct sunlight (the color will fade away)
  • If you can’t wait for long then turn on the dryer, throw in some towels along with your TOMS


Avoid using undiluted soaps, baking soda or anything harsh chemicals that can damage your TOMS shoes and ruin their original color. Also, see the drying tips to dry your shoes.
By reading out all the instructions with your shoes and then following these tips, you can easily get rid of all the dirt and stinks from your shoes. These tips work for all kinds of shoes whether plain, with studs, sparkle or crochet. All this pretty much might resolve your quest of how to clean TOMS?

How to clean suede boots Easily at Home

The users of the suede shoes mostly found worried about their shoes that how to clean suede boots if they get stains or become dirty. It is always a good and luxurious feeling to enjoy the graceful suede shoes. But a fear always chases and that is the dirt on the suede shoes. But now it is no more a trouble to return your dirty and stained suede shoes to their original splendour.

Suede boots have rough looks that makes it the splendid leather shoes. But this rough outer makes it the easy target of dirt and different stains even by the rubbing of the jeans by absorbing its colour. But now the cleaning of suede shoes is quite easy with a special kit that includes a special brush and eraser. The regular use of this scrub brush removes the dirt and dust and leaves your shoes fresh and shiny. If you got some bad stains in your Suede boots you can apply both, the scrub brush and eraser for better results. Cleaning of Toms shoes and other cloth shoes washing is different so use different methods for each shoe type.

Cleaning With Moist Bath Towel

When your Suede boots become dirty after a couple of use it is better to treat them gently for the revival of their grace. The use of bath towel makes the cleaning easy and inexpensive. It also doesn’t require plenty of time, just a few minutes from your busy routine can revitalise your suede boots. First of all, remove the dry mud pieces from shoes surface and wipe off them with a dry cloth. In the next step use a damp bath towel and rub against the outer skin of boots. The damp towel will absorb the dirt and dust from the fibres and rubbing will raise the fibres and returns the natural beauty of suede shoes. For tidiness of your shoes always use a neat and clean bath towel because dirty towel can add more dirt and stains to your precious shoes.

The magic of vinegar and rubber

Sometimes the Suede shoes get hard stains that do not leave easily by brushing. These need some extra treatment for removal. To remove a hard stain or dirt, first of all, brush the shoes to remove loose dust from the surface. Then use a soggy towel to remove sold dirt. If stain still persists, use a small amount of white vinegar on the stain. The vinegar action will remove the harder stains in few minutes. You may observe a mark of vinegar use on the shoe but it will wipe off automatically on drying. After the drying of the shoe, brush it with a hard wired brush to raise the fibre. To remove the soft mud marks, if you have not special rubber for suede cleaning kit, use the ordinary white pencil eraser. It gives the equally good result. Be sure that the eraser that you are using is clean and free of any dirt or colour. The two inexpensive products reduce your worries and expense also. Do not apply this method while washing fabric shoes. Also, do not try this for White Chucks washing.

How to clean suede boots using simple water

The suede boots easily get water stain due to their fluffy and absorbent surface. These water stains spoil the gorgeous look of the shoes. Here is an easy way to remove these stains.

  • Brush off any dust from the shoes to avoid any new stains in the process of cleaning.
  • Take clean water in a bowl and apply it on the whole surface of the shoes evenly with the help of a brush or some clean sponge. This will cause darkening of the colour of the shoes but don’t worry about it; it is the natural effect of water.
  • Use a clean dry towel or sponge to wipe off the excessive water from shoe surface. Use gentle movements with towel or sponge until the surface becomes evenly wet without any excess water on surface
  • Stuff the shoes with waste papers or old cloth tightly. It will help in retaining the shape of shoes.
  • Leave the shoes for drying in hot and dry place at least for one night or a day. The water will evaporate and will leave the shoes dry.
  • Use a suede brush to revive the original fluff of fibre to give a splendid looks to the shoes

Special treatment for special stains

Sometimes unknown stains ruin the looks of the shoes. The stains of mud, oil and grease etc. can be treated as follows.

  • In the case of mud stains allow the mud fully dry hen remove the big chunks of mud.
  • Brush off the fine residue of mud with a suede brush
  • For fresh stains of oil and grease, use the starch or chalk power. Spread it over the stain and leave for 24 hours. After the specified time remove the starch or chalk from shoes. Steam the mark using an iron.

Wax and chewing gum stains

  • Place the shoes into the freezer or apply the ice on the stain.
  • When it gets a freeze, remove the hard wax or chewing gum easily with hand or any sharp edged tool.
  • Use suede brushes for revitalising the tiny fibre on surface

Stains of blood and ink

  • To remove the blood stains the use of peroxide
  • Take a swab soaked in the peroxide and rub it on the stain until the stain vanishes
  • When you get an ink stain, try to blot it immediately with a towel or tissue.
  • After absorbing all the ink, use a fine sand paper on the stain.
  • Apply alcohol with a soft piece of cloth. It will also help to remove the ink stains.

Some useful tips

In home based methods there are many solutions for cleaning shoes at home. Use of vinegar is appreciated for the stains that are not removed by normal methods. Apply vinegar and leave it for drying and then use a suede brush to raise the surface fibre. The steel wool, emery board and steamer can also be used for dried or hard stains. Do not put suede shoes in machine. Read what kind of shoes and how to wash shoes in washer. By following these guidelines, you will never get worried about how to clean suede boots at home.

How to Clean Cloth Shoes at Home!

Does it feel like trouble when you think about how to clean cloth shoes? Simple and easy methods that can help you clean your white cloth shoes are what you need.

Don’t get frustrated on how to clean cloth shoes question

How to clean cloth shoes is an issue everybody canvas shoe owner faces. Cloth shoes were never out of fashion since the very first day they came. They are simple and comfortable as well. But one thing these cloth shoes bring along which is that they can get dirty really fast. As spring is approaching, the canvas shoes will be back in business again. You will see people wearing canvas shoes everywhere. The benefit of wearing cloth shoes in spring or summer season is that they allow the sweat to dry up easily which makes them the best pair of shoes for warm seasons. As for the cold season, you might want to stay limited to the long boots or suede shoes as cloth shoes don’t protect the feet from cold much.

Why are people so into cloth shoes?

You can wear cloth shoes which are usually the canvas shoes with almost anything. They have become like a style statement and every single person will be seen wearing them. Even they have introduced cloth canvas shoes for children as well and they look amazingly cute. Cloth shoes are the perfect companion for the summer season. Here are the top reasons why people prefer cloth shoes:

Breathable Materials- The cloth shoes are made from quality material which is breathable. As the material used to manufacture them is cotton thus they make it easy for the feet to breathe in. When the temperature rises they become really comfortable to wear.

Light in Weight- For walking and going on trips you can wear the canvas cloth shoes as they are the most comfortable. Actually, cloth shoes are great for all sorts of occasions as they give a light feel while wearing them. They are easy to carry around as well. The rubber around the shoes makes it the perfect shoe for gripping surfaces.

Stylish and Trendy- There are several brands offering cloth shoes and new canvas shoes design are being introduced which are selling like crazy all over the world. New attractive colors have been out in the markets that make it easy for you to buy with every outfit you own. But at the same time, white cloth shoes are still the standard purchases by a lot of people.

Easy to Clean- As the cloth shoes are easy to wear everywhere there are 100% chances of them getting dirty. Being cloth shoes they can easily absorb in any kind of stain which sometimes becomes hard to clean. This is also a benefit that they are made from cloth as cleaning and washing them is easy.
You can try as hard as you can but the cloth shoes can always get dirty no matter what kind of color they have. Especially white shoes are the ones that attract the most dirt. It’s like the dirt of the entire world gets onto them.

Cleaning Cloth Shoes

Owning cloth shoes means you have got to maintain them as well. But how to clean cloth shoes is a question that will leave you wondering as there are so many options to choose from. But first here are the main things you would be needing for cleaning your fabric shoes apart from the specific ingredients:

  • Toothbrush
  • Bowl
  • Detergent
  • Clean piece of cloth
  • Cold water

Tip #1: Cleaning the Stains with Detergent

When it comes to wearing cloth shoes you definitely would need to be ready for the cleaning and maintenance. If your canvas shoes have got stains on them then here is what you need to do:

  • Mix a little detergent with enough water to form a paste
  • Wet the shoes under running water or dip them in a bowl full of water
  • Dip the toothbrush in the water and detergent mixture and then rub on the stains of the shoes
  • Rub gently and in a circular motion
  • Keep rubbing until the stain vanishes
  • Rinse the shoes with running water or again dunk them in a bowl full of water
  • After the detergent washes out from the shoes then let them dry

Tip #2: Cleaning the Stains with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Again to clean stains, you can use this alternative method too.

  • Make a paste of vinegar and baking soda enough to clean the stains
  • Apply some amount of the mixture on the toothbrush and start cleaning the stains
  • Just like before gently scrub with the area of stain with the toothbrush
  • Scrub in a circular motion
  • When the stain disappears rinse the shoes with cold water
  • Set them for drying afterward

Tip #3: Using Washing Machine

Yes, you heard it. Using a washing machine to clean your shoes is also a method you need to try. Not only it removes the stains but it also removes any sort of odor coming out from the shoes and leave them like new.

  • If you have got stains then wetting the shoes and using the detergent and water mixture to clean them first would be best
  • After cleaning off the stains, pour cold water in the washer and add detergent
  • Turn on the washer so the water and detergent are mixed
  • Add in your shoes and put on the washer on the regular washing cycle
  • When the washing cycle is over, take out the shoes and rinse with cold water again
  • At last, let your shoes dry out

Drying the Cloth Shoes

When you shoes are dripping with water either use a clean piece of cloth to absorb the excess water or through them in the spinner with a few towels. For completely drying out the cloth shoes you need to make sure that you air dry them. Do not expose them to direct sunlight as the cloth will wear out soon in the future. Also read how to clean other types of boots. There are different methods for cleaning TOMS and Suede shoes washing.


Always use cold water to wash or rinse the shoes. Warm water strikes hard and makes the color fade away. Even when you have to wash white Chucks shoes made from cloth, you need to make sure you are using cold water. Only dry in air and not in harsh sunlight as it damages the cloth and will make it wear out in the future soon.
Follow these tips and information to clean your shoes in the most effective and safest way. By now you will probably know how to clean cloth shoes at home.