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Before going out on a short walk or extended trek, what footwear to choose should be the most important thing to consider!

To enjoy your time in woodland or outdoors, make sure to choose right footwear! Otherwise, the situation will be dangerous!

All footwear is created alike, this is the most common and wrong notion. For instance, hiking boot is nothing like your average walking shoes!

No one thinks about the importance of good footwear until they face serious issues. For instance, chances of suffering from plantar fasciitis are very high when you walk on worn down budget shoes for the longer period. We don’t care about our feet and legs while standing constantly on low budget boots for most of the day. But after some time, unfortunately, we all have to go through the severe state of agony! Sooner or later, we have to admit that all footwear are not created alike!

It is no surprise that many of us don’t use brains while buying the right kind of shoes as per our needs. You may hear that old saying, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Because if you are not starting your day with right kind of food, rest of the day will end up in vain. Same applies when it comes to footwear. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say the right pair of footwear is more important than a pair of underpants!

We should applaud a man who invests a good amount of money and energy in getting a sturdy pair of comfortable shoes. Undeniably, a right pair of footwear is the best investment you can ever have!

Let me ask you a simple question, when you are feeling discomfort or pain while walking? Who do you blame for it? I bet, you will bring the shoes into the court!

You just need to get a perfect set of boots to melt down the pain. You must understand that shoes are meant to provide comfort and ease while walking. You deserve a well fitting, high end, correctly size and high-quality shoes that ensure extreme ease for rest of your day!

Another important thing, wear, and tear is so obvious regardless of the quality of the boots. Most people forget to evaluate the performance of their shoes once in a while. And keep walking on the worn out pair that is pounding hard on your tootsies. You must check out your shoes at least every six months. This is evaluation is essential for the pair that you wear for all day, every day!

You’re 20 right now, it does not imply that your size will remain same for rest of your life. Rude but absolutely correct! Just to promise the health of your feet. Trust me, you don’t want to end up with plantar fasciitis, a much complicated and painful suffering than choosing a right sized pair! Very few of us know that when we hit the forties, our feet will grow. By growing, I meant that feet will be flattened due to the weight of our bodies. Honestly, nothing is wrong here! The only thing you should be worried about is getting the boots, best suited to your feet!

It is hilarious that for a growth of feet, we can blame the gravity. As it affecting for decades! The main reason, why our feet will grow in length and width. Sooner or later, this will happen!

Till now, I talked about few things that make the evaluation of boots necessary. If you are convinced by now and want to evaluate your shoes, please answer the following questions:

Are My Boots Worn To Shreds?

Mark my words, there is nothing you can do to avoid the wear and tear. Regardless of the quality, leather or rubber shoes, they will wear out! Good news is, the shoes won’t break instantly. When wear and tear start showing signs, get your elbows ready. If you want to extend the life span, make sure it is patched or repaired properly. It will become shabby to the state of being no longer usable within no time, once wear and tear starts! AT this point, the loss becomes fatal for shoes!

To be honest, well-worn boots is the worst situation one can ever face. Such boots will do nothing for your feet. You won’t get the support or comfort, the pain will be only you will have! You must not wear tattered shoes, especially if you are in growing age!

Do My Boots Complement My Activities?

For what activities you are buying footwear? Do you want them for the daily walk? What type of work do you do? Do you have a job at factory or office? Do you spend most of the time sitting or standing in the office? Or walking a lot? Or despite everything, you don’t have a regular job and you’re residing in a cabin in the woods!

Woaahhh! Too much to ask! Now you are getting why the right pair of boots is so important!

The outdoor activities or job demands more time of walking on a pair of shoes. Ask yourself, will you go on trekking with a pair of sneakers? You may, but what will you do when you jump into the first mud puddle? or your tootsies may hit protruding rock that you did not see coming! After all, mountain or jungle are tough terrains!

The bottom line is, your boots should be right for your activities! For tougher situations, you must get sturdier and stronger boots! And vice versa!

Are My Boots Wider Enough For My Feet?

Please pay attention to this point, this is for you!

Your boots must have the proper width if you want to save yourself from the suffering. The boots will not provide support if they are too wider. Your feet will hurt badly if the footwear is too tight.

So, make sure to get the pair with proper width!

Do My Shoes Have The Sufficient Length?

When you are wearing a shoe, it must have enough space to wiggle your toes. If the boots are not longer enough, your toes can’t move a bit. Trust me, you don’t want them to get packed like bricks. They will hurt beyond your expectations!

No matter which type of boots you are wearing, your toes demand to wiggle. For breathing, they need the room. Always remember, if toes are not comfortable, you can easily lose the balance while walking.

Even your footwear has the proper length and width, it does not guarantee the comfort for your toes. Different kinds of shoes vary when it comes to shapes. So, before picking any shoe, don’t forget to check the toe space!

How To Buy The Right Pair Of Boots?

A footwear can make or break your day. So, when you are planning to get a new pair, you must do your homework before finalizing the deal. Otherwise, you will end up with the wrong pair that is of no use except bringing discomfort and pain.

So, next time you head to the shoe store, don’t forget to point out your requirements. This little prep is necessary to choose an appropriate pair. For your convenience, I have listed down some tips here:

Before you jump to anything else, take a moment and realize why do you need new boots. What are your activities for which you need them? Do you want them for walking or running? Will you wear them all day every day or just occasionally? You need to answer such questions to end up with best and right pair of boots! Not to mention, a bad pair will cause pain with every step you will take! Scary? That’s why you need to do homework!

Next thing to consider is your budget! Most buying guides talk about this point in the end. But you must start with this. Without money, you can’t buy anything. First off, set your budget and try to find as many choices as you can. This way, you can have the best quality pair against your investment. To be honest, if your intent is to get the best value, be prepared to spend little extra!

The surroundings and environment matter a lot for footwear. Clearly, consider the conditions in which you will wear the boots. If you want to go out on hiking, you can’t have shoes with material that won’t be able to prevent water or dirt coming in. Analyzing the environment is crucial, as this has the direct impact on utilization of the boots.

After taking shape & type of feet, needs and budget into consideration, don’t forget to check the quality of the footwear. It is your job to ensure that your choice can stand the longer period. Sometimes, low-quality brands make the units using low-quality material that can’t bear the day to day wear & tear. Again I will repeat, the best quality comes with a price! You may need to empty your pocket little to get the best value!

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By now, you must be convinced of getting a right footwear. After reading the above cited guide, you can get yourself a quality and comfortable set of shoes. Whether you’re an avid runner or enjoy morning walk, you deserve a comfortable pair of shoes. Buying of right pair not a rocket science. In simple words, you just need to think about your requirements & needs before buying a footwear, that’s it! Your boots must be suitable for your activities!