Definitive Guide To Selecting The Best Shoes

Selecting the right shoe is as crucial as it can get. It's always very important that your shoes provide you comfort and a sense of relaxation. That way you are able to focus on the work you are doing.

That's why I am here with the ultimate guide on how you should select your shoes. I have covered almost every type of shoe people usually look for. 

If you are specifically looking for the best shoes for standing all day, this is the guide you should follow.

Selecting the right shoe is important because if you don't do that, you might have to face a lot of pain in the feet. The pain can really cause one to lay down on the couch and rest for hours. Sometimes, it feels like you are walking on rocks and making every muscle of your foot ache with the heel bursting into pain.

There are people who just give up all the struggle and end up resting at home due to the intense and chronic pain in their heel and almost the entire foot. It makes it hard for them to walk and running is beyond thinking when it comes to the pain in the heels. Usually, this is not certain to any age but depends on the type of work you do regularly.

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Best Walking Shoes for Men and Women Comparision Chart

A Brief History of the Various Shoes

Everybody knows about shoes, like who doesn’t? However, no one really likes to unfold the history of the various shoes and their various activities. Looking back from now you will come to know that the designs of the shoes have changed enormously from time to time and culture to culture. In the very beginning, shoes were only used for convenience of the feet and avoiding damage. Now the concept of shoes has totally changed. Today’s shoes are different from the 90’s shoes. These shoes not only provide comfort and convenience for beginners, but they have got great significance over the style, designs and colors too.

The styles or designs of the shoes have changed through the time from being flats to heels. Taking a quick drive through the history of the shoes of all time, we come to know that there was a ginormous change. We have come to know about the various shoes worn in the history by your ancestors.

Rewinding to the middle ages, people used to wear patterns. The lower class, slaves and poor people used to be barefoot. Men and women both used to wear leather flats with laces tied to them and they believed that the best way to dry their shoes is to put them in the sun. After that, chopines were manufactured in Turkey in the 15th century which were 7 to 8 inches high. Chopines became popular in Venice and then in Europe too and slowly became a status symbol showing social standing and wealth as well.

In the 16th century, Mary I of England and Catherine de Medici started to wear high heeled shoes to appear taller than their actual height. In 1580, men also started to wear heeled shoes as a symbol of wealth and authority. Soon after the world revolution, various shaped shoes were introduced for men and women in different eras.

Not only these but there are some extreme weird shoes too that were used in the early period. These weird shoes were worn to improve the dressing. Here they are briefly discussed:

History Of The Various Shoes
  • Kabkabs: manufactured in Lebanon in the 14th century, these were studded wooden shoes worn by women in the Middle East to avoid dirt and water in the public bathhouses. They were named Kabkabs due to the clopping sound produced while walking.
  • Plaited Birch Mark: introduced in the 20th century in Finland, the bark shoes were worn with the cloth foot wrap inserts, especially by women. These were also used as an alternative to leather shoes which were costly too.
  • Lotus: lotus shoes were worn by women who had bound feet in China. Shaped like a cone, the shoes resembled the lotus flower bud. They were made from silk and cotton in the 10th century and are still worn by some women in China.
  • Padukas: the famous toe-knob sandals of India are the oldest and were used by the ceremonial padukas in the 18th century. They were just a sole attached to a knob which used to be placed between the second toe and the first big toe. Ivory, wood and silver were used to make these sandals.
  • Chopines: the high platform shoes were worn by people in the 16th century and were famous among the Italian women. Chopines were made from wood and were covered with velvet and silk too.
  • High heels for men: in Europe, men were used to wear high heel shoes with stockings in the 17th century. Men wanted to wear something exotic and fancy to represent their appearance and make them look and feel good about themselves.
  • Wooden bridal shoes: the south of the city Saint Girons of the Bethmale Valley in the Ariege district, these wooden bridal shoes were quite famous. 19th century women loved to wear these shoes in wedding ceremonies.
  • Okobo: Japanese maiko used to wear the Okobo sandals in the 18th century. Made from a single wood piece these are slightly sloped from the front bottom that gives them a shape of a boat. Either the Okobo shoes have got the natural finish and sometimes no varnish at all.

Fast forwarding back to the modern world, we these shoes only in books now. You can say they are so last history. The latest styles and comfort level of the shoes is far better than the ones in the history.

Variety Of Shoes In The Modern World

best walking shoes for men and women

Earlier we didn’t have much choice to select an appropriate shoes for a particular need. We wasn’t able to get a specific shoe that could be used for plantar fasciitis. But the modern shoes have made it easier for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis to get rid of the problem by wearing certain shoes regularly. There are plantar fasciitis shoes and then there are plantar fasciitis soles available as well that fit in the shoes to provide comfort. You can fit those soles into the shoes and can get comfort and style at the same time. Not only limited to men but you can also find the shoes for women.

Types Of Shoes For Men

Men have also got a taste in the selection of shoes to give their outfits a grace and elegance. When one is suffering from planter fasciitis then there are specific shoes that can help him in maintaining that grace. People think that the special plantar fasciitis shoes only have a typical style and shape, but that is not true. It is not a lie that plantar fasciitis shoes are limited in style in designs, but there are the regular shoes as well which can be made to provide comfort for plantar fasciitis with the use of the insoles. Here is a list of the shoes that are used by men all over the world and with the plantar fasciitis insoles you can make these shoes even more comfortable: Bluchers, Oxfords, High-tops, Brogues, Monk-straps, Plain-toes, Slip-ons, Cap-toes, Sneakers, Loafers.

Types Of Shoes For Women

There are several types of shoes that come in various styles and colors. One can choose according to their preferences. Women who are victims of plantar fasciitis can wear the insoles to ger some relief from pain. Here are the types of shoes for women that can be considered to be the best shoes ever. These can be worn with colorful dresses and they reduce the plantar fasciitis pain as well: Stilettos, Mules, High heels, Slingbacks, Pumps or Court shoes, Moccasin, Sandals, Slippers, Loafers, Boots, Sneakers.

Why Choosing The Right Shoe Matters?

Buying the right and best walking shoes for men reduce your plantar fasciitis is essential. If you end up buying the wrong shoes then instead of reducing your pain the plantar fasciitis muscle can get worsen leading to increased pain. Not only for the foot pains, you need to select shoes according to the weather conditions, like for hot weather, you would need open shoes but for cold weather, you need the opposite.

You also need to select shoes according to your weight. The most appropriate type of shoes for 50 pounds woman or for 300 pound woman, weight is of great importance. Where will you be wearing your specific shoes is also an important question. For 5k training or for the marathon, you need to select the different type of shoes. Brands also matter, Big Guys running shoes, Adidas, new balance, you may choose comfortable shoes of any brand.

To get the right shoe you need to consider the following points:

  • Closed heels: It is a great idea to choose closed heels shoes. This will help in reducing the stress thus, resulting in relief.
  • Strong arch: Finding a strong arch support shoes can give relief to your foot from heel pain. Some shoes only have the name strong arch to them but some have actually got the feature which provides relief from the plantar fasciitis pain.
  • Midsole protection: The mid-part of the shoe is the main thing that needs to be checked, as this is the part where the foot actually wants support. So the shoes that provide support in the mid-part is a great deal to find for reducing plantar fasciitis pain.
  • Steady heel counters: Steady heels of the shoes provide better walking experience. It also helps in diminishing the pain and making you move your feet easily.
  • Nominal flexing: The part of your feet that flexes are your toes. The rest of your foot should be supported to cease the plantar fasciitis pain. If you are a travel lover, With the flexible shoes, it would be easy for you to walk during your tours.

Importance Of Wearing Shoes

As plantar fasciitis can be a very stabbing pain in the feet and leads to restlessness and anxiety thus, you need to choose your shoes wisely. The right shoes will not only help you reducing the pain but will make it go away quickly. The base of your toes, the mid-part and the heels should be in the right position inside the shoe to provide relaxation and the end of the pain.

Plantar fasciitis is usually caused by the increase in the physical activities and due to wearing the shoes with no arch support regularly. This leads to the inflexibility of the calf muscles and can even lead to severe injuries.

To avoid this pain, it would be best if you choose the shoes that have got enough cushion inside them to make your pain go away. The right amount of comfort on the right place will provide ease in walking and even running leading to reduced pain. Wearing the proper plantar fasciitis shoes regularly will make the pain go away gradually.

While, on European travel, you may get interested in 5k distance walking event (3.1 miles walking), so, be prepared and choose from the 5 great comfortable shoes.

Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

best shoes for walking

Why Do You Need Proper Shoes For Plantar Faciits

Who likes to stay in bed when there is a lot to do outside for work, cleaning or just having fun? Just when you thought to move out a bit and the foot pain starts. It makes you feel like, “Oh no, not again”.  When you figure out the reason behind the foot pain, which is Plantar Fasciitis, you start thinking about how to deal with this. Plantar fasciitis is a tissue that can result in micro-tear if the feet interact abnormal physical activities and overburdened routines.

As soon as you realize that it is impossible for you to walk or your medicines are not effective any more, there comes the plantar fasciitis shoes for your rescue. These shoes are available in different shapes, sizes, patterns, designs, styles, colors and are available for both men, women and children.

Your foot pain can be reduced by choosing the proper shoes. These shoes are made in a special way that help the users with ease in walking and running as well as in reducing the pain and gradually eliminating it. You need to be very vigilant in picking the shoe for your pain, as you only want it to be reduced not induced.

best running shoes for men and women

Shoes for plantar fasciitis are not only made for men, but they are for women as well. A wide range of cute shoes for women and kids are available in various sizes, colors and style to add in comfort along with grace to your outfit. The shoe that fits the best and is easy to walk in is the best. But when it comes to running you need to buy the ones with comfortable soles (gel sole shoes) that bounce back your feet when you take step during the run.

These are the best shoes that provide heel support, arch support and a good cushioning. It might sound complicated to find these shoes, but they are widely available and are appreciated in Runner’s World. In case you are wondering about what would be the right shoes, then here are the 5 great comfortable walking shoes for men and women:

Asics Gel Nimbus 17

Asics Gel Nimbus 17 is one of the top rated shoes and is known for its cushioning and improved midsole system. It has a heel clutching feature that provides a suitable environment for the heel and at the same time, it provides support to the foot keeping the stability intact.

For Men:

For Women:

The rearfoot and forefoot Gel is added to offer perfect cushioning. These shoes are slightly heavy but overall, they are durable and offer coziness. People from all over the world love to wear these shoes for real comfort. Cool features of this specific shoe article will surely provide you with comfort.

New Balance 1540V2

New Balance 1540V2 is the best motion control pair of shoes. Even many podiatrists recommend these shoes. The aim of designing these shoes was to provide ultimate stability and motion control properties.

For Men:

For Women:

It further comes with soft cushioning to provide a supportive fit to the heel. They also offer the best comfort to the wearer and are considered to be of highest quality material. These shoes are best known for perfect motion control, heel and arch support, great stability and comfortable. In short, you can expect a great range of shoes by New Balance.

by New Balance.

Saucony Guide 6

Saucony Guide 6 comes has the PowerGrid midsole i.e. it is a combination of power foam and grid technology for absorbing impact and distribute the pressure over the leg.

​For Men:

For Women:

These shoes have a comfortable cushioning, they are light in weight and there is smoothness from the heel to the toe motion. The support, cushion, and heel make it one of the best shoes available for men and women.

  • Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 15

The thing that is lovable about these shoes is their ability to provide incredible support, balance, cushioning and all these features come with the best shoe design that are available in New York. You will feel relieved when you go for long runs and even casual walking.

It is not the case that you will only find running shoes for heel pain. Shoes for flat feet are also available. The ordinary flip flops can be called the best shoes for flat feet. Little to no support can make the condition worst. Ordinary flip flops don’t have much arch support and there the cushioning is limited. You need a flip flop that has molded foot bed and cupped heel to offer stabilize foot support. This will keep your feet aligned.

You have to be careful while buying the shoes for flat feet. In case your foot keeps on sliding around, you will be stressing the heel. So, the below mentioned shoes help in providing comfort:

  • Orthaheel Wave Flip Flop

These flip flops are APMA approved Orthaheel footbed and a heel cup. An EVA midsole quality has the ability to reinforce the arch and absorbing the shock. You can wear these flip flop all the time. You can also wear it to trips to the beach and for walking 5 km in one go. When you are buying these shoes, you have to be careful with the size. Common flip flops are liked in various part of the world like these are available in India and you can wear them in the rain as well.

  • Orthaheel Tide Slide Flip Flop

It is a women’s flip flop that is known for its biochemically designed orthotic style footbed. There is a deep heel cup in the shoes that stabilizes the foot and makes the pronation correct to provide support to the feet. The arch support provided is optimal. There is an elevated heel along too which takes off pressure from the foot.

Flat heel shoes do not have to be boring and it is not like they don’t have any aesthetics. You can wear these shoes for different purposes like for walking with your dog, walking for 10 miles a day or even 10 hours a day. Flat heel does not produce much noise so you can wear them for walking quietly.

Best Shoes For Standing All Day

Striped Running Shoes On White Front View

Standing for an hour is an irritation, and if someone’s work profile is designed in such ways that he/she has to stand all day, then it becomes a real pain. It affects leg muscles and joints. Let me tell you, sitting on a chair does not solve your problem. A right pair of shoes can do the magic and heals the pains in the joints of legs and foot. For that, you need to select the best shoes for standing all day.

These specially made shoes may cost a bit more than the shoes we usually use to purchase but can reduce your pain and provide you with a long term relief from frequent doctor’s visit!

Best Shoe For Standing All the day - For Men

Alegria Men’s the Chairman

The shoe is ergonomically built for those who have a standing duty. Pure leather upper lining creates a premium and professional look as well. Scientifically placed cushioned sole does the left attire with comfort and heel support.

Have a look on the points why it has made its way to the first position in our list-

  • Premium Leather Finish: Those who want elegance and comfort side by side, this shoe is perfect for them. Four different finishes are available for you, and every one of them is made up of pure strain resistant leather.
  • Comfortable footbed: The fully cushioned footbed is made of cork and memory foam while keeping the users’ comfort in mind. The soft sidelining matches any kind of arch support and ultimate metatarsal relief.

Keep in mind-

Apart from the superior craftsmanship, the leather around the toes gets scuffed easily after a few hours. So the only way to keep it at bay is to wax up.

Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog

It has been the first choice of sufferers of ankle pain for the last couple of years. It looks casual but provides ample comfort to our ankles. Knee and ankle are affected severely while we stand for a long time.

Here is why these shoes are considered one of the best in this segement:

  • Cross lite material: It’s made of odor resistant cross lite material that moulds itself according to the pressure of the foot of the wearer, and the slightly high heel provides accurate posture support while standing for long hours.
  • Open Heel design increases breathability: Breathability is a prime factor to make a shoe odor free. The open heel of this shoe keeps heat to be dispersed and air to be flown through easily.
  • Small nodules on Footbed: The footbed is covered with numerous tiny nodules that keep massaging your feet as you move during your duty. It’s effective when you stand four couple of hours. It keeps blisters away.

Keep in mind-

The design does not look very formal. But if you can manage to wear this at your workplace, then it’s a very good choice. It's great for your feet.

Sketcher's Sport From Loving Life

The shoes from Skechers have been a “best buy” due to the ultimate comfort and stylish, trendy design. Memory foam and soft fabric with high tensile strength are the two key points that make this shoe one of the favorite to those who stand on their feet for long hours.

Comfort: The memory foam insole is the thing that does the magic while accompanied by the “FlexSole” shock absorbing midsole. The shoe-collar is also well padded for providing the superb cushioning effect.

  • Fit & Stability: Flexsole works as a good shock absorber. The upper covering is made of mesh and synthetic materials which provide flexibility and a sturdy output.
  • Superb breathability: Fine mesh lining with moisture wicking fabric keeps bad smells at bay by providing ultimate breathability.

And the last not the least, the design is really trendy and fits everywhere.

Keep in mind-

A kind of gel is infused into the foam of footbed which may bother you sometimes otherwise there is no problem at all.

Nike Flex Experience 3

Nike is known for making great shoes and Flex Experience 3 is no exception. Phylite midsole and soft synthetic inner lining provide exceptional comfort and shock absorption. Horizontal and vertical flex groves provide ample amount of flexibility.

  • Stability: The design itself proves that it’s for stability. Rubber pods placed at forefoot and heel is great for creating space and optimum stability while standing. Remember one thing if the heel is placed right then ankle problem will be gone.
  • Optimum Breathability: Let us clear a point, why we keep talking about breathability. When a shoe is worn for long hours, it creates odor from sweating. That’s why breathability is one of the important parameters to decide which shoe is better for standing all day. This Nike shoe is made of lightweight spongy mesh material which allows good airflow.

Reebok Work & Cushion

The shoe is designed to deliver day long comfort and support. Reebok claims that it’s rated high (5 stars) on durability and comfort by the maximum verified buyers. If we count the points below, we will feel exactly why it’s so popular and earned its place on our list.

> USP of the shoe-

Comfort and Style blend: Reebok worked very well while designing the shoe. It keeps equal weight on comfort, support and style. Company’s signature Kwik-Close design not only provides study effect but also a great footbed comfort by maximum padding from both sides of the shoe.

Quality and durability: No word should be chosen if you are looking for picking a negative point on quality and durability of the shoe. Supreme craftsmanship coupled with an ultimate ergonomic design made it our choice for those who want a branded shoe with support for standing all day.

Keep in mind-

The upper covering part near closure is made of leather that means it’s not as breathable as the other shoes listed here.

Best Shoes For Standing All the Day- For Women

New Balance WID627V1

You might have known the name of the company but do you have any idea what are strategies that make “New Balance” to lock horns with rivals like Nike, Reebok etc? Getting the nerves of users’ demands right and putting the features to meet the demands- simple.

USP of the shoe-

Overall comfort: While other companies are looking for something specials in providing comforts, “New Balance” kept its eye open for overall comfort. All the paddings are placed perfectly to meet stability, support and comfort.

Breathability: Though it is made of mixed materials, it provides great Breathability through the mesh materials to protect your shoes from fungus and odor as well.

Safety option: A variant of this shoe comes with steel toe protection feature. That means you can use it if you are working in a work environment where safety shoe is must!

Pretty good looking pair perfectly matches your work environment and the best part is that generally it looks like a general sports shoe.

There is nothing that counts negative.

Champion Gusto Runners

If you don’t want to spend hundred bucks then it’s an affordable option for you. Don’t go with its price only. Though it’s offered at sub $50 range, the features are easy to lock with many reputed brands.

Let’s have an inner look why Gusto Runner is a real “Champion”.

USP of the shoe-

Outstanding Foam insole and vented outsole: This shoe features memory foam that provides not only comfort but also additional heel-to-toe comfort. Vented outsole has moisture wicking feature and is designed with Chill technology to provide extra comfort.

Breathability: Breathable mesh provided with new chill technology provides ample airflow to keep optimum breathability of the shoe.

Price: It’s another reason why it’s so popular among US people. The tagged price is almost half of the leading company’s shoe while keeping its promise of providing all needs of all day standing duties intact.

Keep in mind-

All sizes may not be available all time. So if your shoe size is not available, wait a week and keep checking.

Nike Flex Experience Run 4

The light weight and superb looking shoe keeps the brand value of Nike high with its scientific design and ergonomic structure to meet the demand of the customers who look for all day standing shoes.

USP of the shoe-

Light Weight and comfort: If your shoe is light weight then wearing all the day does not affect your feet at all. Nike Flex is made of super light synthetic mesh material which is durable and light weight too. Memory foam creates the house of comfort for your feet and dual paddings from the both sides left no room for discomfort even if you stand all day on feet!

Quality build and Style: It’s very rare when you can catch quality and style both at a time and in single item together. Nike Flex Experience Run 4 is one of those rare things. Stylish build attracts customers of all ages while quality keeps the brand name high.

Keep in mind-

There is an extra bit of cushion bed which may make you feel awkward at first but as you go on using it, you will understand why it was designed so.

Nike Air Vomero 10

The list can’t be completed without this shoe which actually redefined the class of comfort shoe in the market. You better can say it’s the father figure of all shoe for all day use. Comfortable light weight Vomero is a good option while standing all the day.

USP of the shoe-

Comfort: Ultimate comfort comes from its wider toe box and fine light weight but study synthetic fibers. It does not make you feel like you are wearing a shoe. Soft memory foam on midsole provides decent level of cushioning effect.

Breathability: There is only a mesh layer in this Nike Shoe. It makes it light and flexible as well while keeps it well breathable at any season.

Keep in mind-

· Though it’s built with Nike quality, it’s not for rugged working environment. Don’t choose it for the alternative of safety shoe.

· It does not look like a formal shoe. It attaches with more casual attire. So keep the work culture of your workplace in mind before choosing it.

Fila Women's Memory Workshift

The brand tells its reputation itself while the shoe made its place in our list of ultimate comfortable shoes for standing all day. Full grain leather on upper frame provides support while ethylene vinyl acetate does the work for providing comfort.

Though it does not look like a greatly designed shoe, it works well on why it is made for- shoe for all day standing duty!

USP of the shoe-

Ultimate comfort by memory foam: Better sockliner provides better cushioning effect while rubber traction in outsole is responsible for all direction comfort and durability. Ethylene vinyl acetate is placed for extra comfort.

Breathability: It has better breathability than many other comfort shoes. Though full grain leather on upper portion may raise your eyebrows a little, the design itself provides ample

Keep in mind-

It may scuff your toes for first few times, but after few days it will become more comfortable.

Comfortable Shoes For Foot Pain Relief

Feet Pain

brunette holding her feet on white isolated background

Continuous walking can get a lot painful if you are suffering from foot pains. But fear not, there are lots of varieties available for those who have to face discomfort when they have to walk often. For those who are facing some medical conditions, they need to take extra care while buying shoes for them. After foot surgery, you need soft shoes to make sure your foot bones aren’t hurt. After bunion surgery, you may feel uncomfortable for long, but proper shoe choice can reduce the discomfort.

Let’s see some of the shoes comfortable for walking and which are considered as the best running shoes cross country 2015:

  • Vionic with Orthaheel Technology

The Vionic Orthaheel men’s endurance walker shoes have leather mesh paneling. They are a perfect fit and they are designed with the breathable feature. These are of the best quality and in 5 finger running shoes and can be used under 1000 distance races. You will find them in 3 colors so they don’t just meet the fitness goal, but also works in different workplaces and fulfil fashion demands as well. You can also use them for jogging, during shopping in the market and for professional marathon training. These are considered to be the best shoes in the world and have laced up the look and there is an open entry for making the access easy. They are light in weight. These shoes have shock absorbing midsole that reduces the pressure on the back, knees and ankles. These are available for 5 year old and for 6 year old kids.

  • ASICS Gel Foundation 8

These shoes are known to be comfortable and supportive. The mesh and the synthetic upper part of the shoes are meant for promoting breathability. The shape of the shoes is like a wider toe box which is done for offering stability and support. The sole is meant to provide extra shock absorption and durability. These shoes can be the right one if you want to use them for walking your dog. The gel cushioning system present in the forefoot and the heel support is meant to make you feel comfortable throughout the time you are walking. ASICS shoes are not only for walking but available for running as well. Users can get those shoes that are suitable after knee surgery and after ACL surgery. These are also available for use after hip replacement, after ankle surgery and after meniscus surgery.

You need to take care of yourself after broken foot and after stress fracture as well. Shoes for all medical kinds are available, so do not stress yourself at any moment. With the ASICS comfortDry fabric liner has the ability to take away moisture from the shoes so you won’t have to worry about the odor. These are available for back problems as well.

  • ASICS Gel Kayano 21

These are the best running shoes Chicago, made in USA. They are available for men and women and it is available in wide a variety of colors. These shoes are functional and funky. The upper mesh and synthetic are a perfect fit. It will also improve the breathability of the shoes. The fluid controlled shoes is certainly a joy to wear. In case, if you supinate, you can wear these shoes for ease.

The high abrasion rubber sole has 1.5 inch heel which bounces the cushion back. These are the one of the proper shoes available today. For a heavy runner, who want to run for 800m, these shoes are the best.

Apart from these. you can also go for Nike or Adidas shoes which are considered to be from the mens health category and are inexpensive as well.

Tip-Trick-Guides For Shoes

It is extremely important you buy those shoes that fit you well and offer the best comfort. The guide below will help you out in that case:

Proper Fit: This may sound simple, but right now, people tend to neglect this thing. If the shoes don’t fit you well, it can be really discomforting. You must consult the sales professional to help you select the right size. Check the shoe by trying it on and walk around a little bit just to be sure it perfectly fits you well.

Pronation Correction: When you are walking or running and your feet roll inwards, then that means you pronate. The pronation to some extent is normal and it is found in many people, but excessive pronation can cause injury and it is a major cause of Plantar Fasciitis. When you are selecting a new shoe, visit the running shoe store and ask the sales person to analyze your biomechanics. He will tell you whether you pronate or not. In this way, you can purchase a shoe that is appropriate to your condition.

Good Arch Support: You will need such shoes that provide you a longitudinal arch support. Those who have Plantar Fasciitis have a weak arch and they need extra support for this purpose. With the right type of shoes, you can reduce your load and prevent the strain that comes on your feet when you are exercising, walking or standing.

Tips To Observe When Making A Decision To Buy Shoes

  • Do not go for the looks of any shoe first. Your first and foremost focus should be to comfort and then you must consider the looks.
  • If you have to work on your feet for the longer times, you will need high quality footwear and your choice should never be a throwaway. Along with quality, do not skimp on the support and stability.
  • The shoes should fit well too because if the fit is not right, you will never be at ease.
  • There should be extra space available in the shoes so that you don’t have to worry that your feet will start swelling as you are wearing them throughout the day.
  • The shoes must have padded insoles and, of course, strong arch support. You can also add special insoles or the orthotic inserts yourself in case you need extra support.
  • The shoes you choose should be wide enough to let you spread your feet and toes naturally. Even your socks should allow you maximum freedom of movement.
  • If it is the all-day shoes, they must come with a heel but that heel should not be more than 2 inches.
  • After back surgery, it is convenient to use supportive shoes, so select those that are flexible and soft. You will need those linings only that keep your feet warm or cool, according to the environment. In case you are looking for waterproof shoes, you are advised to double check on that.
  • Last but not the least, ventilation is an important thing which it comes to choosing the style and the material of the shoes. They must be breathable so that you don’t have to worry about odor problems or catching fungus.
  • Do not ignore the age factor while buying shoes for 13 month old and for 15 month old They need real comfort because they love to walk. Try to buy flat soft shoes for 10 month old babies. For 1 year old, for 10 year old and for 50 year old man or women or more, you have to think wisely and smartly.

Shoes That Become Your Companion

In case you have to move in an environment that requires you to be a little fashionable, but are facing some medical issues, then don’t worry, it is not like that you have to wear grandma shoes all the time just because you have a foot condition. Even if you are a diabetes patient, you need to wear proper shoes especially designed for diabetics’ patients.

The shoes for Plantar Fasciitis are available with the touch of modern aesthetics too. They are available for men and women in appealing styling options. Now, when buying these shoes, all you have to see is that the shoes are comfortable, supportive and they fit you well. Plantar Fasciitis can happen to anyone. It can even happen if you don’t choose the right type of shoes. Therefore, if you have to walk a lot, stand most of the time due to work or you are an athlete, then you need shoes that provide support and comfort. This problem can be fixed if you start taking care of what you wear.

Comfortable shoes are best needed when one has to go for vacations. Doesn’t matter whether you need to walk there for 100km or more, a good shoe always makes harder climbs easier. If you are planning to have a Europe trip this season, do not forget to take comfortable shoes with you. Select some unique pair of shoes for Europe in summer and by having the best walking shoes for Europe vacation, you can travel long distances like seeing a vineyard or any botanical garden with ease. Always consider the climate and weather of a place before going to any place so while making a plan for Europe in winter or in snow, choose comfort with style.

Best Walking Shoes For Men And Women Detailed Reviews

1.] Mephisto Men’s Cream Match

Mephisto Men's Match Walking Shoe

My Rating: 4.6

In laced walking shoes for men Mephisto has a high recommendation for comfort. Imported leather upper and rubber sole make it your first choice in leather walking shoes. Customers’ feedback proves its comfort for feet in walk and games as well. Mephisto is available in multiple colours that suit best to your personality and choice. The comfortable soles and the best-fitted style of Mephisto get high ranking by the users. It is also available in very suitable price range. You can select as per your financial capacity. Mephisto Men’s cream Match is durable and brings you at ease during your walk and outing.

2.] Thierry Men's Rabotin Lena Leather

Thierry Rabotin Lena Leather

My Rating: 4.9

In men’s foot ware, leather shoes provide great comfort and durability. Imported shoes are preferred for their neat finish and good materials. Thierry Rabotin Lena Leather is Italian made shoes that have high ratings and come in supple leather and rubber sole; that makes it comfortable during a walk. It is available in elegant black. Its stick on tightening belt makes it possible to keep it fit for different persons. Elegant and durable rubber sole brings comfort to feet and adds up a lofty comfortable walk in your routine. Ease and durability are the prominent features that earn good acceptance from the users.

3.] Mephisto Laser for Women

Mephisto Laser for Women

My Rating: 4.8

Walks become comfortable with good shoes that have full support for feet. Mephisto women’s Laser is one of the best-recommended shoes for women 2015 and 2016. Soft air technology is used for providing full support and comfort during your daily walk. Mephisto Laser is neatly stitched that gives it elegant looks and style. Users provide a good feedback for the comfort of shoes. Imported leather and rubber sole are the source of durability and ease in a walk. These are the best walking shoes for women that are available in different attractive and trendy colours. These walking are highly recommended by users.

4.] Mephisto Men's Match

Mephisto Men's Match

My Rating: 4.5

If you are looking for high-quality walking shoes, Mephisto Men’s Match is highly recommended. This provides natural padding for feet that improves many painful conditions of feet. Mephisto is wonderful for your daily walk in parks or on pathways. Reviews of clients show that it keeps feet dry and almost odour free. Smart lacing of these casual shoes makes it more fit and secure for different types of feet whether they are fatty or thinner. It provides perfect comfort for walking that brings it at the high recommendation by the users. The durable leather upper and laid-back styles are perfect for luxurious outings.

5.] New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoes

New Balance Men's MW928S Leather/Mesh Walking Shoe

My Rating: 5.0

Different painful conditions of feet make walking much discomfort for people. It requires comfortable shoes for a walk that can support the feet against these painful conditions. New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoes are highly recommended for their support and stabilizing ROLLBAR technology. These are getting high admiration for the comfort and durability in walking shoes. Customers have a high demand of these shoes as these are odour resisting and provides ABZORB midfoot cushioning that keep the foot dry and more comfortable in the shoes. Imported leather and seamless fine stitching and rubber sole provide great ease to the athletes and common men also.

6.] Merrell Men’s Moab Rover Walking Shoe

Merrell Men's Moab Rover Shoe

My Rating: 4.4

This craggy hiking men’s footwear is wonderful and comfortable due to its elegant built. These are in high demands for their quality and ease of use. Imported waterproof leather and scratch resistant textile make it very suitable for outings and hiking. Breathable M-SelectTM Fresh treated mesh lining keeps the feet odour free. Reviews UK shows the trust of users in Merrell Men’s Moab Rover Walking Shoe for the comfort they provide in painful feet conditions. Foamy footbed that is made according to the foot shape provides full support to the feet that bring ease in walking. These are at high level of comfort.

7.] Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

My Rating: 4.9

These amazing shoes provide wonderful walking experience due to their great technologies. These are liked for their supple, full-grain leather upper, support and reliable slip-resistance outsole. Users are recommending these for their strong support for low arches that makes taking off and landing highly comfortable. These are provided with Hydroflow in rare and forefoot that supplies outstanding padding and shock absorption while walking and running. The use of latest technologies makes Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes comfortable, durable and energy efficient for the users. The leather upper and manmade sole are much liked by the customer and attain high reference of people.

8.] Nike Air Jordan Retro 13

Nike Jordan Kids Air Jordan 13

My Rating: 4.5

Men’s Nike Air shoes are amazing and add up to walking experience with lofty comfort. Leather upper with rubber sole makes it much more comfortable and perfect for cosy walk in your routine life. Nike shoes are attaining high ratings of customers. These are the best recommended walking shoes for men 2015. Customers admire Nike very much due to its hologram features on the heels and outsole. Nike is available in trendy yellow, red-white along with traditional black.

Top Rated Running Shoes For Men And Women Detailed Reviews

1.] Adidas Performance Ultra Boost M Running Shoe for Men

adidas Performance Men's Ultra Boost M

My Rating: 4.8

Adidas shoes have always been popular when it comes for running. The Ultra Boost M shoe is best 1st of them which provides maximum support to the feet while running. With the rubber sole inserted in the shoe, the user can get more energy. The full-length boost foam composed up from numerous energy capsules that assist in restoring the energy in every step you take while running. If you need support from toes to the heels and enough space inside the shoe with the right torsion system then this shoe is the right choice for you. Made from synthetic and textile material you can run comfortably with the help of the four-way stretch mesh engineered in the heel.

2.] ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe for Men

ASICS GEL-Kayano 22

My Rating: 4.7

Its reviews UK show that ASICS is one of the leading brands of manufacturing shoes for users who encounter trouble while running for long hours. The gel-Kayano 22 makes it easier for the runners during their long hour runs. The fluid fit upper is built flawlessly with the clutching system in the heels to provide more support and easy fit. The overpronators also provide the luxurious comfort to the feet to maintain the stability. Gel-Kayano 22 has got attractive color details and is made from synthetic material coming along with a rubber sole which promotes easy running. The flexible running shoe works on the i.g.s (Gait-enhancing Impact Guidance Science) technology. Gel cushioning is provided at the toes and heels with the FluidRide bounce-back system.

3.] ASICS GEL-Nimbus 17 Lite Show Running Shoe for Men

My Rating: 4.4

Ratings of the shoe reach up to 4.5/5 voted by the customers. Nimbus 17 Lite is a synthetic material shoe available in different color schemes. The stylish running shoe offers forefoot gel cushioning as well as in the heels. FluidFit multi-directional upper does not irritate while running. The FluidRide bounce back cushioning system comes along to ease the feet. The feature of the heel counter exoskeleton, AHAR+ high abrasion outsole and the vertical guidance line flex grooves to give the forefoot comfort and durability as well. Training becomes easy with the Gel Nimbus 17 Lite and its incredibly comfortable features.

4.] ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe for Women

ASICS GEL-Kayano 22

My Rating: 4.4

This shoe is the considered among the best shoes for women 2015 and 2016. Consumers purchase it for its true and comfortable features. The pronators make it easy for the runner to manage through the road bumps and not even feel the pace distorted. The comfort level inside the shoe depends on the new I.G.S (Impact guidance system) which is used to enhance the natural posture of the feet starting from the heel to the toe. The FluidRide feature cushions the feet luxuriously for efficient running with the bounce back feature. The exoskeletal heel counter with the heel clutching system helps in fitting the foot in the shoe and support it. You can easily remove or replace the insole.

5.] Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Running Sneaker for Women

Nike Women's Free 4.0 Flyknit

My Rating: 4.5

The light weight of the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Runner has got the ratings among 4.5/5 by the customers. The flexibility of the shoe provides easy running with the comfort at the heel and the toe as well. The Flyknit cables are used to provide support to the foot thus reducing the weight giving the natural shape of the foot. One can easily fit their shoe inside it. Hexagonal flex grooves are housed inside for the multidirectional flexibility of the feet. The shoe has also got built-in ventilation holes.

6.] ASICS GEL-Quantum 360 Running Shoe for Women

ASICS GEL-Quantum 360 Running Shoe for Women

My Rating: 4.4

The runners can now experience complete 360 degrees of cushioning inside the shoe. The shoe is engineered considering the athletic needs thus giving it some cushioning through the gelling power for the long comfort. The trusstic system assists in support for stretching easily during the workout. Comfort in running is gained from the FluidFit feature and the support as well. Feel like a spring running with the rubber sole and gel cushioning from the heel to the toe. Exoskeletal heel clutching system is all you need.

7.] ASICS GEL-Kayano 21 Running Shoe for Women

ASICS GEL-Kayano 21 Running Shoe for Women

My Rating: 4.7

This is listed among the 10 best new shoes for women in the world due to the immense shock and cushion it provides to the user while running. The gender-specific cushioning and 1.5” heel coming along with the GEL-Kayano 21 makes it super speedy and easy to fit the shoe. Multi-directional FluidFit stretch upper, heel clutching system, anti-microbial Orthalite X-40 sockliner, moderate to mild overpronators, guidance line flex grooves with the sole and lots of luxurious cushioning are the best features of the shoe.

8.] ASICS GT-2000 3 Running Shoe for Women

ASICS GT-2000 3 Running Shoe for Women

My Rating: 4.5

The manmade imported shoe has resulted in the top reviews of the country with its incredible features. GT-2000 3 is the third generation running shoe by ASICS that can take you miles far without caring of any hurdles in the way. Available in many skin colors the rubber sole and Impact Guidance System used inside the shoe is remarkable. FluidRide bounce-back cushioning and the outsole with AHAR+ high-abrasion provides a firmer grip on the foot. The responsiveness of the shoe to the ground is due to the dynamic DuoMax support and vertical Guidance Line flex grooves. Customers’ views for this product is good and they love to wear these shoes because of the high level of comfort.


All these shoes have the best ranking by the customers upon their usage. In the lust of the modernized appearance and styles of the shoes, don’t forget the foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. No one can bear chronic heel pains, back pains, hip pains and knee pains. But with the right running and walking shoes, you can get rid of it. Buy arch support shoes for reducing plantar fasciitis pain. Not only this, but the high arch problems can also ignite foot pain. There are shoes for this too. Any of your foot pain can be reduced with the help of appropriate running and walking shoes. If not shoes, then you can also buy sandals, sports shoes, slippers, open shoes, walking shoes or even the running walking shoes as well.

The shoes mentioned above are the best running shoes and some of them can also be categorized as the most appropriate shoes due to the multi-functional abilities. It is not necessary you buy these shoes for plantar fasciitis as they are made to cure all kinds of foot conditions. Choose only the best walking shoes for men and women that should be comfortable in wearing during running.


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